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python-jwt in RHEL's addons and CentOS

Red Hat recently shipped python-jwt in
<a href="" title=""></a>

This went into the "High Availability" and "Resilient Storage" add-ons
of RHEL, not the usual RHEL Base/Optional/Extras.

I was wondering why CentOS has this package in its base repositories
now. Does CentOS 7 include RHEL's HA addon or the Resilient Storage

- Ken

where should we build nsible-2.4.1 in CBS?

Hi folks,

The latest ceph-ansible version requires ansible- now, due to
some regressions in ansible-

It looks like the "ansible" package in CBS has been built in several
different build targets recently.

Is there a standard place where we can build the "ansible" package
going forward, and then cross-tag that build into all the places that
need it?

- Ken

automating paas auth to CBS

Hi Clint,

Recently I was looking into automatically building some ceph packages in
CBS, and I was curious how you're doing automatic CBS builds with the paas user.

I'm guessing you've generated the paas CentOS FAS x509 cert with
centos-cert, and then you upload that .centos.cert file into some
Jenkins instance? Is that or something else?

I see mention of the account creation @
<a href="" title=""></a>, but there's no mention of
how long-lived this FAS x509 cert is.

where is the centos-packager source?

Is there a Git repository with the source code for the centos-packager package?

I'm interested in adding a feature to centos-cert to allow downloading
the CAs without re-generating a user cert (basically splitting up
download_cert() in /usr/bin/centos-cert.)

This would make it easier to run cbs in Jenkins with ephemeral cloud
slaves, without having to hardcode the
<a href="" title=""></a> URL in the job's code.

It also looks like the centos-packager.spec's License field says
"GPLv2+", whereas the COPYING file is the GPLv3, so it would be good
to make these align.

- Ken

Building Debian packages on

Hi folks,

I'm thinking about how we can migrate some of the jobs on to

One of the barriers to entry for Ceph is that our
jobs output both RPMs and DEBs for every branch, and keeping parity
between the two formats is important.

If we "brought our own" Jenkins slaves for building .deb packages,
could we use the infrastructure?

- Ken

Storage SIG introduction: Ken Dreyer

Hi folks,

My name is Ken Dreyer, and I work on the Ceph Engineering team @ RH.
We're working on a new GUI for Ceph and Gluster management,
<a href="" title=""></a>

There are a couple of groups across the Ceph and Gluster communities
that are working on Tendrl and its dependencies, so the CentOS Storage
SIG community would be an ideal place to make all the pieces fit

I'd like to help with packaging the Ceph-related dependencies in the
CentOS Storage SIG, and getting them built in CBS, etc.

I've set up my account at
<a href="" title=""></a> and requested the