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Review Request: plasma-thunderbolt

Hi all,

plasma-thunderbolt is a new repo containing, you guessed it, Thunderbolt KCM
for Plasma. I initially submitted the code as a patch against plasma-desktop
[0], where it got reviewed, but it was ultimately decided to better put it
into a separate repository, since it's not just a KCM but also a library and a
KDED module.

Review request: plasma-pass

Hi folks,

back in May I wrote a Plasma applet that serves as a GUI frontend for the pass
password manager [0]. I blogged about it [1], but then somewhat forgot to make
a release etc. Recently I started getting some emails from packagers where to
get a tarballs so I think it's time to get some translations in and start
doing official releases. Thus I'd like to ask for a review for inclusion in

The way pass works is it has a directory in which each password is stored in a
PGP-encrypted file, the name of the file is the name of the password.

kdereview: ksmtp


please review ksmtp, which is now in kdereview.

KSMTP is a small simple library with a KJob-based API similar to KIMAP or KDAV
to send mime messages via SMTP. It was initially written in 2011 by Gregory
Schlomoff but since then it's been lying around in playground without any
interest or use.

Moving akonadi from kdesupport and akonadi-search from playground

Hi all,

we (the KDE PIM team) kinda screwed up when we forgot to communicate our
intentions about
next KDE PIM release with the release team and we ended up in a
situation that we have
some repositories in modules from which they cannot be released as part
of KDE Applications,
so releasing KF5-based KDE PIM as part of KDE Applications is currently

Normally I'd have to ask for the 2-week review period before moving the
repos but since we are
under a big time pressure and because the modules have both proven
themselves (see below),
I kindly ask for those repositories to be gr

Weird linkage failure on OSX CI


I'm trying to get kdepim to build on the OSX CI, but this one is beyond me.

The Future or KDE PIM Releases

Greetings from Toulouse!

We've been discussing the plans for releases of Akonadi(Next) and KDE PIM as a
whole on the PIM sprint, because the current situation is kinda unclear and
harmful for the project.

Now that we have a better idea of what Akonadi Next will be like, we decided
that we don't want to just basically stop working on PIM and focus all our
efforts towards Akonadi Next because that would cause the entire PIM to be in
sort of a limbo for who-knows-how-long and that would not be good for our
users and for the project in general.