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Flock roommate

Hi friends!

I am looking forward to (finally) come to Flock.
However, I find it a bit difficult to find afordable and good

So, I'm on a hunt for a roommate at Danube hotel[1] to share a double
occupancy room.

Few things to know about me:
- I like to drink beer
- I love to socialize
- I hate being hot (airco will probably run constantly)
- I can last longer underwater than in silence (prepare for background
music and a lot of chatting)
- I snore a bit :)

If you find these tolerable and you are compatible, shoot a response at
me, so we can sync up.

[1] <a href="https://flocktofedora.or" title="https://flocktofedora.or">https://flocktofedora.or</a>

ddclient Sponsorship

Hi friends!

I am trying to get into packaging and now I have the perfect
opportunity to adopt a package - ddclient.

I know that a lot of us, that cannot afford static IP addresses but
like to tinker with home servers and new technology, really love this
little piece of software.

Now, the situation here is a bit tricky as the package is not (quite)
orphaned (and I would like it to stay that way) so I cannot adopt it;
and its owner doesn't want to maintain it anymore, so I cannot co