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Self introduction: Barry Scott

I have become the new maintainer for the pysvn package on Fedora.

I am the upstream developer for a number of projects including:
* pysvn - <a href="" title=""></a>
* pycxx - <a href="" title=""></a>
* Barry's Emacs - <a href="" title=""></a>
* SCM workbench - <a href="" title=""></a>

These days I tend to develop in python and C++ using PyQt for GUI needs.
The above projects work on Unix, macOS and Windows.

I have been using Fedora since FC4 and maybe before,
too long ago to remember.

I would also like to volunteer to be a co-maintainer of

My first task

input devices mouse setting no longer being used.

I have plasma 5.13.2 on Fedora 28.

One of the recent updates broke honoring the mouse settings.
I use left-handed and reversed scroll settings.

Now when I log in I get right-handed and non-reversed scrolling.

If I use the control panel to

1. change from left to right
2. apply
3. change from right to left

Then I have left-handed and the reversed scrolling.

Is this a known problem?

Mouse settings not use on hot plug of new mouse

I have a dell laptop with a dell docking station.

This combination will generate hot plug events for
the mouse. But my mouse preferences are not applied
to the "new" mouse.

Is there code in PLasma that is supposed to handle this?

I can look into the problem if that helps.


How do I stop my PyQt programs canceling shutdown?

I have 2 PyQt programs that if I leave running and then tell
Plasma to shutdown will give me a notification that shutdown
has been canceled.

I'm not aware of adding code to cancel a shutdown. Do you know
where I should look to fix this?

Also after I manually close the offending app after there has been a
cancel message a further shutdown does not seem to start closing
the windows(?) that are running.


GitPython update blocked by rpkg - how can this be resolved?

In this bug

<a href="" title=""></a>

It is implied that rpkg has an unspecified problem with GitPython 2.0.

This is preventing the maintainer from updating to the any GitPython 2

I'd like to know if there is in fact a problem with rpkg with GitPython 2.0.

If there is a problem it would be nice if the rpkg people could comment on the
difficult of supporting GitPython 2.

Self Introduction: Barry Scott

I am the maintainer for a number of open sources projects:

PyCXX - C++ interface to python
PySVN - pythonic OO API to Subversion
PySVN Workbench QUI interface to Subversion
MEINC_Installer - allows python code to packaged into
executable for for Windows and Linux

I have been in software development for a long time on many OS
(Fedora, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Windows and DEC-VMS) in a number
of languages (Python, C++, C, shell, Bliss32, Javascript).

I have worked on fixes for the Kernel, Xorg, Python, systemd,
KDE and KMyMoney.

I would like to see Workbench p

KDE5 how to get the function keys configured for application

The F1 thru F12 keys on my keyboards are trigging actions like sound up/down.

What I want is to have the key go to my applications. I've searched in
Settings and Googled and not found a way to change this.

Where is this configured?


KDE5 mouse Reverse scroll has no effect

I am using KDE5 from Fedora 22.

It does not seem to matter if the control is ticked or not scrolling does not
change direction.

If there is a fix in the works I'd happy test. If not can you point in the
right direction and I'll try and create a patch. (I am new to the KDE/Qt code

do you want this raised as a KDE bug on against Fedora for tracking?


KDE5: mouse reverse scroll direction not working on all apps

In Ssystem Settings I check "Reverse Scroll Direction"

In Firefox and Konsole this has no effect - scroll did not change.
In KMail and libreoffice word the scrolling changes.

How do I work around this for firefox and konsole?

Under KDE4 this worked in all apps?

Where do you want this bug raised?