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Ubuntu and exFAT


A new SSD has as its default, exFAT.

I have seen that, to mount and use exFAT, in Ubuntu Linux, the command
needs to be ran;
sudo apt install exfat-fuse exfat-utils

I am wondering whether the fuse stuff to enable exFAT rw access, is
automatically included in Ubuntu 18.04, or also needs to be manually
added in 18.04

Thank you in anticipation.

Question as to whether Ubuntu or UbuntuMATE is 32 bit

I have read, regarding RISC OS, that

The file system abstraction layer API uses 32-bit file offsets, making
the largest single file 4 GiB (minus 1 byte) long.

- <a href="" title=""></a>

Now, that makes me wonder whether Ubuntu Linux, or, UbuntuMATE Linux,
is limited to 32 bit.

The reason that this has arisen, is that I have a 4.5GB file that I
can not move - I have tried to move (using cut and paste) the file,
using both caja and PCManFM, and, with both, I get the problem that
the file is "too large to be spliced", and, a filesize limit of 4GB
apparently applies

So, is Ub

System Update froze - UbuntuMATE 16-04


I have tried to do a system update on this computer, which is (kind
of) running UbuntuMATE 16.04 .

The Software Updater shows

"Installing updates..."

and, under that, is
"Running post-installation trigger initramfs-tools"

(it is unfortunate that the window does not allow copying and pasting
of text in the window)

and it has been sitting there, with no progress for over half an hour
(it is on an i3CPU with 16GB of RAM, not an 8086 with 640kB of RAM).

The last two lines in the Details window (once again, it does not
allow copying and pasting), are

Processing triggers for initram

Is it possible to download packages from 16-04 repository to install on 18-04


It has occurred to me, as the Ubuntu Software Centre, Me TV, NetSurf,
and various other packages in 16.04 are not available in 18.04, is it
possible to download packages from the 16.04 repository, and, install
them in 18.04?

If so, how do we access the 16.04 repositotory and download the 16.04
packages, from 18.04?

Thank you in anticipation.

Me-TV and ubuntu 18-04


I have a UbuntuMATE 18.04 installation.

The Software Centre of previous versions, and, apparently, many other
packages, have been disappeared, in the change to 18.04 - they were in
previous versions of Ubuntu, but are not available in the (clean)
installation of Ubuntu 18.04 .

The Me TV application was the only TV application that I could get
working on 16.04.

The Me TV website makes it prohibitively difficult to contact any of
the Me TV people.

Are any of the MeTV developers on this list?

Newly installed UbuntuMATE 18-04 does not boot


I have just rebooted a computer after I (believe that I) installed
UbuntuMATE 18-04, on the computer that has MS Windows installed, and,
after the "Installation is complete.

Is a simple method of blocking a particular domain name or IP address set available


I am running UbuntuMATE 16.04.

Continuous Internet traffic is shown to be occurring.

Etherape shows it to involve a single domain name ( and its
IP address set (

I have tried to add a rule to deny it, using the Ubuntu firewall
software available through the Control Centre, but it requires, and,
limits each rule to, a single port number (which I do not know how to
find, for the traffic).

Is a simple method of blocking a particular domain name or IP address
set available, so that I can deny access to this domain name and/or
its IP address set?

Searching for

mythtv package developers for Ubuntu packages


From posts on the mythtv mailing list, an inconsistency between the
general mythtv software and the mythtv packages for Ubuntu, appears to
have been advised, about which, I am advised, I should ruise a bug
notification with the package developers.

However, in the Ubuntu Software Centre information displayed about
mythtv, the "Developers website" link points to

So, I am wondering whether the developers of the mythtv packages for
Ubuntu, happen to be subscribed to, and, involved in, this list?

Re: Difficulties with trying to install and use tv adaptor

On 13/05/2018, Bret Busby <bret. ... at gmail dot com> wrote:

Difficul;ties with trying to install and use tv adaptor


I have purchased and tried to install, a tv adaptor;
AVerMedia A867R AVerTV Volar HD Nano USB TV Tuner
for PAL digital television in Austyralia, on UbuntuMATE 16.04.x

I have tried to do it on two separate computers.

I tried to inslall MythTV, which would not install from the Ubuntu
Software Centre, because it wants to get rid of MySQL, also tried to
install MeTV and TVTime.

Amongst other problems, apparently, the tv device is not detected.

Ins earching to find whether Linux drivers are available for the
device (the advertisements showed that it should work with Linux, and,

Search for utility to identify source of WWW traffic


I currently have two web browsers open (not firefox), and their
download managers show no downloads occurring.

But, something has beeen downloading data at around 200-300kBps, for
over an hour.

Is a utility available, that can identify what application(s) is/are
downloading data, and, what URL's are being accessed for the downloads
being performed?

Thank you in anticipation.

Re: Unable to write to new partitions

On 17/03/2018, Colin Watson < ... at ubuntu dot com> wrote:

Re: Unable to write to new partitions

On 17/03/2018, Volker Wysk <> wrote:

Unable to write to new poartitions


I shrank the boot partitions of teo installed operating systems, and,
for each thence created unallocated space, I created a new sext4
partition, to which, I assigned the respective labels Data05 and

I then, from within my UbuntuMATE 16.04 installation, ran sudo chmod
777 on each new partition, so as to enable read+write access to the
two partitions.

But, I can not write to the two partitions.

What do I need to further do, to these partitions, to enable read+write access?

ls -l /dev/sda18
brw-rw---- 1 root disk 259, 2 Mar 17 20:50 /dev/sda18

Query about parasitic firefox file


In the last 12 hours, 1.4GB of my home directory free space
disappeared, rendering the system unusable.

After having progressively shut the system down, before it crashed,
and, rebooting the system, with the free space still having been
disappeared, in searching for unexplained things, I found in the path
the file places.sqlite-wal with Type "unknown" and size 1.5GB and Date
Modified being a couple of hours ago.

Does anyone know what is this file, what does it contain, and, can I
safely delete it without it causing furt

Wayland and Soiftware Updater


In preparing one computer for updating, then running the Software
Updater, 182MB of packages are to be downloaded.

In looking through the packages descriptions (which it lists, rather
than the package names), I found
""Implementation of the Wayland EGL platform - runtime"

From memory, Wayland is a nasty that wrecks p[eople's systems.

As it is shown there, and I had "updated" this system, in the last day
or so, I did a search in Synaptic (very useful software, is Synaptic)
for Wayland, and, found this system has that (the runtime) package for
Wayland, and, varuipous other Wayland pac

UEFI and Ubuntu Linux


I am currently running UbuntuMATE 16.04 LTS on various computers; UEFI
and otherwise.

In performing a system update on this one (a computer that has UEFI,
which is bypassed to run Linux), yesterday, I observed that the
packages to be installed/updated (I am not sure which), included a
number of packages relating to UEFI.

In checking using Synaptic, I found that 12 packages relating to UEFI,
are available, with a few of them, installed.

When I first installed Linux on this computer (it took me about two
years to get Linux properly running on this computer, due to three
separate syste

Software updater snuck in a package that is unwanted

How do I remove a package that was snuck in?

The Software updater apparently installed a package that was listed as
"Automatically install upgrades" or something like that, because I did
not know how to permanently block it.

Synaptic shows it (I think) as unattended upgrades", with the
description "automatic installation of security upgrades".

Apparently, this trojan horse has the effect that, to remove it, so as
to revert to manually performing upgrades (which is as it should be),
I have to wreck the system, by removing the desktop system and the
operating system core.

So, how do I remove

Faulty Software Updater on 16.04


I am running UbuntuMATE 16.04 on at least two different computers.

For a while now, the Software Updater (which reappears daily, due to
using the panel applet) shows a window with the heading "Not all
updates can be installed".

The window does not provide a button "Show details", and, does not
allow me to copy and paste the text that is displayed in the window.

The only options available (apart from simply clicking the cross box,
to close the window, which I have had to do, each time the window
appears, as no other safe option is available) do not provide safe
options whereby I woul

Ubuntu Linux and firewalling and dual NIC's


I have a firewall/gateway computer, that has two network cards, and we
are soon to change from ADSL to the (Australian) soupy-doupy NBN thing
with supposedly higher data transmission speed capabilities, which
means a new modem/router thing with which to interface, and so, new
settings (or so, I expect), which means, in the context of the status
of the firewall/gateway computer, replacing the operating system and
firewall software.

I have thus far, used Ubuntu Linux only as a workstation operating
system, which does not involve two network interfaces; two NIC's, and
so I need to know w

Problem with trying to open an email attachment and involving the mailcap file


I have included below, two messages that I have posted to the alpine
support list, to explain the problem in this message.

This is to do with trying to open an image file that is attached to an
email message. The image file has the extension .JPG .

Please read the text below, and advise what I should do next.

Thank you in anticipation.

How to obtain list of installed packages


I believe that this question gets asked from time to time, but I do
not know that a solution has been found.

The question is this; does a utility exist, that can be ran, to
produce a list of installed packages, in a way that can be used by a
user (system administrator), to perform a system rebuild, so as to,
after installing the system again, ensure that all of the optional
packages that were previously installed, are again installed in the
new system installation?

I am running UbuntuMate 15.10, on a system with other Linux operating
system versions (which are inappropriate for the h

Quwery about firewall software


I have been using a computer as a firewall/gateway computer, with an
old version of Debian Linux, and Firestarter, both of which are no
longer supported, and I have forgotten the relevant passwords for the

I am thinking of installing Ubuntu Linux on the computer, with
possibly either Firewall Builder, or gufw, to set up a new firewall.

This is a computer via which, a number of computers within the LAN,
access the Internet, the LAN computers using various operating systems
(which should not make any difference to the firewall/gateway
computer), and using static IP (v4) addre

Utilities apparently missing from Ubuntu15.10


I have just installed UbuntuMATE 15.04 amd64 version, to replace
Ubuntu.10.04 on a computer upon which I had been running Debian 6, so
as to have the latest software, whilst retaining the interface.

Having just got the UbuntuMATE 15.10 installation set up and running,
I can not find the Software Centre utility, or Synaptic, for finding
and adding available software.

Are these utilities still available?

If so, why is the Software Centre not included in the installation iso CD image?

Query about monitoring unknown Internet traffic


Last night, this computer, running UbuntuMate 1504, started sending
and receiving unknown data to and from the Internet.

I do not know whether the system has some unknown spyware, or has been breached.

Is a utility available for Ubuntu, that will show what application(s)
is/are involved on the system, in the unsolicited data transmission.

At present, all that I can do, to regulate the data transmission, is
to pull the (Internet connection) plug on the system.

In the course of my writing this message, the system has apparently
been downloading at about 200kb/s and uploading at about

Ubuntu-mate 14.04LTS download now linked - was Re: Ubuntu 12.04 changed itself to xubuntu and stopped working

On 03/08/2015, Colin Law < ... at gmail dot com> wrote:

In looking around, I have just found that (maybe the web site
administrator saw the a

How to modify name of computer or host


When the operating system is installed, the person installing the
operating system, can set or modify the default name for the

I am wondering, when the operating system installation is completed,
and the system is in use, whether a superuser can modify the name of
the system/host, and, if so, how it is to be done, for example, at the
command line prompt, istead of having
modifying it to be

Years ago (about 20-30years ago), when I was being taught UNIX, I
remember being taught how to change the command prompt, so it could
include things

Re: Ubuntu-mate 1504 incompatibility with Celeron CPU

On 04/08/2015, Bret Busby <bret. ... at gmail dot com> wrote:

Ubuntu-mate 1504 incomparibility with Celeron CPU

On 03/08/2015, Colin Law < ... at gmail dot com> wrote:
Thank you for that.

First problem noted with Ubuntu-mate 1504 (posted here, due to lack of
users maili

How to change scrolling in Ubuntu


In Ubuntu, in some applications, the standrad scrolling method, is
applicable, along the side or the bottom of the scroolable area, is a
bar thing, that can be drawn, with the pointing device, to the
position that the user wants, and, in that, the drawing is
continuously variable.

Howebver, in Ubuntu, the system scrolling method, involves not a
visble scrolling thing to be drawn with the pointing device, to where
the user wants, but is a discrete thing, that, when the user positions
the cursor over an appropriate edge of the "scrollable" area, a thing
with two arrow heads, is displaye