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Atomic 29: ostree upgrade failed because of libdnf

now upgrading:

# rpm-ostree upgrade
1 metadata, 0 content objects fetched; 569 B transferred in 1 seconds
Checking out tree 33b20cd...

install custom rpm package: failed dependencies

I wrote a .spec file to build a pacakge with many shared librairies
installed by Intel parallel studio 2016.

There is no Fedora package for Intel, but the installation script
install many .rpm packages, and all are correctly listed when running
$ dnf list

Building my package goes fine.

rpmbuild - empty RPMS directory

I have been working on my first rpmbuild since quite a few days now.

The rpm is intendeed to install R[0] built with Intel MKL libraries
and Intel compiler. As a base for the spec file, I used the one from
Fedora R package[1].

I setup the directory structure:
% ls ~/.rpmbuild


% cd ~/.rpmbuild
% rpmlint SPEC/R.spec ==> OK
% rpmbuild -ba SPEC/R.spec

rpmbuild SPEC file - shared library path

I build my app with shared libraries.

rpmbuild - change sysconfdir

For some practical reason, I want sysconfdir to be /etc/R, and not the
default /etc

Here is what I did:

mkdir -p {_builddir}/R-%{version}/etc/R

make throw me an error:
--sysconfdir=/etc/R: No such file or directory

$ ls {_builddir}/R-%{version}/etc/

What did I wrong?
What is the correct way to change default sysconfdir, appart editing a
~/.rpmmacros ?

Rpmbuild SPEC file - variable declaration

When declaring a variable value, I wonder if the any difference/best
practice between these methods:

export VAR=MyValue
%{define} VAR MyValue
%{global} VAR MyValue

Thank you for hints.

rpmbuild...empty RPMS

It is my first rpm build. I followed this how-to[0].

$ rpmdev-setuptree
$ cd ~/rpmbuild
$ ls
$ rpm -ivh sourcepackage-name*.src.rpm # I use an already exisiting
package as base
$ vim SPEC/MyName.spec
$ $ rpmlint SPEC/MyName.spec
$ $ rpmbuild -ba SPEC/MyName.spec

how to set/unset env variables in spec file

I am building a rpm package. For make to success and have the correct
env variables, I need to source a few scripts and unset a few
rpmbuild does not understand the source and unset commands.

How shall I proceed to get the desired variables?

Thank you

Building rpm package

First try at building a rpm package and as feared, errors are returned.

Fedora 22

I wrote my own .spec file based on this package[0]. My goal is to
build R using Intel Compiler and MKL.