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python3 entry_points console scripts packaging question


Some context first, skip to the end if you want.

We have a few python packages at $work with setuptools entry_points
console scripts - basically setuptools creates a small python script for
you loading a module and calling the function you specified.

For example, clustershell here defines four commands (clubak cluset
clush and nodeset) here:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Setuptool embeds whatever python command was executed for running at the start of the script, so if the command used in the spec
file was %py3_install as per the guidelines

CentOS 8 srpms and debuginfos


(Welcome to supporting a new distro hell -- thanks for all the work
getting CentOS 8 out and everything involved)

As usual, I come myself needing some debuginfo packages pretty fast, and
found that both and (and thus
their mirrors either) are yet to have any 8 directory (8.0.1905 or

For the srpms, since I've already been told twice I've finally
remembered I could get them on e.g.

SRPMS for AltArch (more specifically aarch64 kernel)

Hi folks,

I've asked on IRC and have been pointed to this list.

I can't seem to find this particular source rpm:


which is what is pointed by `rpm -qi kernel` on my system.

Are these supposed to be available anywhere? Looking on google I only
see one for an older release in someone's centos user/people page, but I
can't seem to find these in any repo.

The debuginfo are properly here but it's good to have sources as well
when messing around with low level stuff :)

Cheers and thanks for the hard work,

systemd 230 change - KillUserProcesses defaults to yes


Just noticed this change on rawhide...
<a href="" title=""></a>
* systemd-logind will now by default terminate user processes that are
part of the user session scope unit (session-XX.scope) when the user
logs out. This behavior is controlled by the KillUserProcesses=
setting in logind.conf, and the previous default of "no" is now
changed to "yes".

Self Introduction: Dominique Martinet


I'm a developper/sysadmin at CEA, a French research institute, mainly
working on HPC clusters - both maintenance and designing new ones.

More specifically, I'm in the Storage team (tape/Lustre HSM we're proud
of), and have been working on Infiniband developments for a few years
These developments include a RDMA helper lib, libmooshika[1], which
comes with a few utilities and is used by nfs-ganesha[2] for its 9P/RDMA
layer, and for which I've just submitted a package inclusion review
<a href="" title=""></a>

I'm also doing a bit more packaging fo