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OT: Omni Directional hostnames

Sorry for the OT post, but I'm stumped and hope someone here can enlighten me.

When sending to a mimecast users, our mailserver timed out with.

Custom oversize rejection notice

When someone sends an attachment via email that exceeds our limit, I'd like to return a custom error message directing them to our in-house web based file upload/download utility (similar to Dropbox in functionality). I've looked at the options, but I don't see an option to address message size. Is that a possibility?


Outbound address rewriting

Some years back a local ISP/cable company hosted the domain. They had just leased the domain, and a couple years ago the owners didn't renew the lease. GCI registered a new domain, (note the "n" in alaskan). When my users send to <a href="mailto: ... at alaska dot com"> ... at alaska dot com</a>, it bounces as there is no MX host to receive mail for that domain. I'd like my outbound smtp server to to rewrite the to address so that <a href="mailto: ... at alaska dot com"> ... at alaska dot com</a> becomes <a href="mailto: ... at alaskan dot com"> ... at alaskan dot com</a>. What's the cleanest way to do so?

Helo issue

We have a vendor that is setting up a web page on an IIS server which will email folks when they purchase an item off of it. I'm not sure what they use for a submission agent - I believe it's something they developed in-house. The technician I'm working with isn't a programmer and doesn't really understand the ins and outs of email and doesn't know if they can change their code or not.


I need to set up a server so that any mail to/from a specific domain ( - external to us) is using mandatory TLS.