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Hello, please take someone this Window Manager


somebody take this beautiful wm

Pantheon , Deepin , Lumina

Hi why is still not established for these environments . so you can install with a single command like gnome/kde/lxde


Hi, somebody do not take the package ClipIt .

not updated system

can't update fedora 24 to 25
here is a screenshot
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Lord no one has the desire to take jwm


Hi . Started to update one of the computers on which stands jwm and surprise he's not in the fedora repository 24 .


24 yumex in Fedora has been removed place it in yumex-dnf . I have a question where Russian language .


wanted to know why doesn't work command install @hawaii

yarock needs maintainers

take this package please

the application lxqt

in my opinion lacks the two applications is lxqt-admin obconf-qt

xpad update 4.6.0

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It created a feeling that does not touch the gnome and the server is secondary.
and certainly with regard RedHad.


When you install through yumex-dnf not a window to enter the password.
I'm not exactly sure but lacks the components lxqt-sudo lxqt-admin

applet keyboard

I use icewm and openbox tint2 with a layout that I use I can not see because it is an indicator keyboard is not in Fedora. One has to wonder what language is used. So many programs created for this purpose and we do not have one. Example programs gxkb, xxkb, fbxkb etc.


game update
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