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1708 ipa


I noticed a difference between ipa in and the src.rpm
used on

my guess is that the latest manual debranding was not pushed to git.

as a second item: any idea when we could have access to signed versions
of the src.rpms? I know that they might still change, but it would help
me for the redsleeve build effort if I had access to the current
(signed) set.


missing rpms in extras

Hi All,

I think there are some rpms missing in the 7.3 extras repository.

missing updates for CentOS6

Hi All,

I've been busy building updated RH packages for armv5tel
(<a href="" title=""></a>).

During that process I often use repodiff to check if there are updates.
And I also use repodiff to the CentOS repos.

CentOS 7.2 issues

Hi list,

I'm currently looking at the sources for CentOS 7.2 (at the vault),
because I want to rebuild them for armv5 (redsleeve).

I think that I saw some irregularities, which I wanted to share with you.

First, there is no repodata for the os section of 7.2
(<a href="" title=""></a>) I think that all other
directories do have that.