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latest thunderbird is missing n git


I found another item missing. The latest centos branded version for
thunderbird is missing in git.



7.4.1708 sources are missing on


You're probably aware, but the sources of 7.4.1708 are still missing.
Somewhere last night all directories were created, but most of them (all
but 'rt') are still empty.


missing rpms in CR


when looking through the recently released CR rpm set, I think I miss
these RPMs:




as far as I can see, these used to be part of 7.1611, were updated on for 7.1708, but were not build (no directory on
buildlogs) and are not in the CR set.


cloud-init differs between git and buildlogs


I found another instance of srpm on buildlogs not matching with git:

This time around the git version is newer though.
If this package is going to make CR, we should probably rebuild it with
the CentOS patches included.


PS, an entry in the changelog in the specfile would also be nice

1708 ipa


I noticed a difference between ipa in and the src.rpm
used on

my guess is that the latest manual debranding was not pushed to git.

as a second item: any idea when we could have access to signed versions
of the src.rpms? I know that they might still change, but it would help
me for the redsleeve build effort if I had access to the current
(signed) set.


missing rpms in extras

Hi All,

I think there are some rpms missing in the 7.3 extras repository.

missing updates for CentOS6

Hi All,

I've been busy building updated RH packages for armv5tel
(<a href="" title=""></a>).

During that process I often use repodiff to check if there are updates.
And I also use repodiff to the CentOS repos.

CentOS 7.2 issues

Hi list,

I'm currently looking at the sources for CentOS 7.2 (at the vault),
because I want to rebuild them for armv5 (redsleeve).

I think that I saw some irregularities, which I wanted to share with you.

First, there is no repodata for the os section of 7.2
(<a href="" title=""></a>) I think that all other
directories do have that.