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mock's dual bootstrapping enabled by default for existing copr projects


while working on another thing, I noticed that when use_bootstrap_container
project option was introduced (Wed Jun 14 this year), it was introduced as
enabled for existing COPR projects at that time. That was not exactly
intended as this feature is experimental.

Enabling this option makes mock setup two chroots during build:

- "bootstrap" one with the latest dnf, rpm (and other build tools) for the
given build chroot (e.g.

Review swap


I have implemented a set of macros specific for module development. I would
be happy to review your package if you can review mine:
<a href="" title=""></a>


COPR rawhide repo links

Dear rawhide users,

if you have enabled a COPR repo in the last three months (since the
beginning of December last year till yesterday), then it points to
fedora-$releasever-$basearch. You can reenable it by using `dnf copr enable
<project>` to get .repo file pointing to actual fedora-rawhide chroot in
the given project.

Sorry for this

COPR auto-rebuilds on pagure commits


I'd like to announce that we now support package auto-rebuilding on a new
commit(s) into a Pagure repository. Apart from having your package repo
hosted in Pagure, you just need to enable firing of fedmsg notifications
for new commits by clicking a single checkbox in 'Hooks' section...well,
then you also need to save this setting and have auto-rebuilding enabled
for the copr package but that really is it, I promise :).


Package Reviews Statistics


as a new Fedora Infrastructure apprentice, I am currently working on this
first infrastructure ticket
<a href="" title=""></a>.

Basically, I updated an old script that collects stats on packages reviews
present on Bugzilla. I wonder if this information could actually be useful
(or at least interesting) to some people and if weekly automated updates
(as described in the ticket) are worth the effort :).

To find this out, I ran the script manually to show you what kind of
information it provides.