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Cleanup in apache

Hi All,

I am using apache-2.4.25 and apr-1.5.2.
When I am using mod_autoindex for indexing of icons directory, after
serving the request the process gets crashed.

I debugged and checked that it was getting crashed
from apr_pool_cleanup_kill ().
The line which causes the crash is "c->data == data && c->plain_cleanup_fn
== cleanup_f".

Please help me out the reason or this crash. Does anybody had this issue


Issue while listing Directory using mod_autoindex

Hi All,

When I am trying to list directory in apache. My process get killed and I
was not able to see directory. During debugging I have seen that
"apr_dir_close(thedir);" apr_dir_close in function index_directory is
killing my process. So I have commented this function from index_directory.

After commenting, I am able to see the listing of directory but after
listing my directory process is getting killed again.

Get request of large file size greater than 100KB

Hi All,

I am trying to access large file(get request) of large file. This is
working properly if size of file is less than 52KB. But size greater than
52KB is giving me error 4022.

I have debugged and come to know that writev function can write maximum
upto 52KB only. Therefore I changed the default value of
THRESOLD_MAX_BUFFER to 42KB so that my writev will not reach to 52KB.
THRESOLD_MAX_BUFFER to 42KB helps me to solve the issue for PUT request.

But in get request while accessing large file, size of brigade crosses
52KB. As 52KB is greater than THRESOLD_MAX_BUFFER(42KB).

Auto-indexing of directory

Hi All,

I want to see the content of directory. I am able to access particular file
of the directory but when I am accessing whole directory then my process is
getting killed. Response is 200 for both the cases.

Non Blocking write in apache

Hi All,

I am using proxy_http to proxy my request to tomcat from apache. But in
non-blocking call it is not working properly(timeout issue). I am using the
default timeout i:e 60 sec.

When writev returns -1 with errorno==4101, it should wait and then again
try for write.
while ((rv == -1) && (errno == EAGAIN || errno == EWOULDBLOCK)
&& (sock->timeout > 0)) _____ code snippet from

In debugging I have checked that sock->timeout is equal to 0.

Message buffer in Apache Web Server

Hi All,

I want to send 1MB of data of request at a time. For this I want to use
buffer in proxy_http. By default we can send 8192(8kb) of data at a time.

I have used ProxyIOBufferSize and BufferSize, but still it is sending 8192

I tried to set these value to 512, so that it will send 512 Bytes at a
time. But again it is sending more than 512 Bytes.

How should I configure so that it can buffer the message till reaches the
buffer size or request is complete.


Buffer in apache

Hi All,

I want to use buffer of 512B in apache . I am using mod_proxy_http to send
request to tomcat and have set ProxyIOBufferSize 512.

But it is sending message to tomcat with size greater than 512B.

How should I control apache in proxy so that it will send message and
receive with max buffer size of 512B.


How to use fcgistarter in apache

Hi All,

I tried to run my perl on port 8070 and proxy my request to port using

I am using the following command
./fcgistarter -c /usr/bin/perl -p 8070

But none of the process gets started on port 8070.

Please help how to use fcgistarter, so that I can start python or perl on
some port and proxy request to it.


Test Functionality of Apache web server

Hi All,

Do we have any test suite for unit testing of apache source code?? I have
taken open source code and build it. I want to test whether all
functionalities is working or not.

Any third party which provides test?


PHP-7.2.5 with Apache-2.4.25


I was using mod_php of php-5.5.37 with apache-2.4.25 and it was working
fine. I upgraded the php to php-7.2.5. But after upgrade, mod_php is not
able to unload properly.

Does anybody also face the same issue.


Rotate logs in apache-2.4.29

Hi All,

I am trying to use rotatelogs in my webserver, but unable to do that.
Please help me to know where I am going wrong.

CustomLog "|/bin/rotatelogs logs/httpd_log 60" combined

(4002)No such file or directory: AH00104: unable to start piped log program
' /bin/rotatelogs /logs/httpd_log 60'
AH00015: Unable to open logs

I tired for access_log too. But getting the same error.


Running Lua Script using mod_lua


While running lua_script using mod_lua, I am getting this error in
error_log. What does it mean
"PANIC: unprotected error in call to Lua API (core and library have
incompatible numeric types)"


Python and Perl support in Apache

Hi All,

Which of the following is the best way to support python and perl in our
apache and why.

Python - WSGI, CGI, CGID or FCGID.

PERL - mod_perl, cgi, cgid , mod_fcgid, mod_psgi.


openssl-1.1.0 with httpd-2.4.33

Hi All,

I am trying to build openssl-1.1.0 with httpd-2.4.33, everything is working
fine without mod_ssl. But when I am loading mod_ssl, I am getting error
while deloading the module i:e dso_close. Whereas httpd-2.4.33 is working
fine with openssl-1.0.2d.

Does anybody also get this issue ?


Apache supports client initiated renegotiation

Hi Team,

I tried to send request from openssl-1.0.2d to Apache server-2.4.25 for ssl
renegotiation using command "openssl s_client -connect IP:PORT". I got
2283136:error:1409E0E5:SSL routines:ssl3_write_bytes:ssl handshake
failure:s3_pkt.c:656. I checked in error log, error is [client] AH02042: rejecting client initiated renegotiation.

I got SSL_SECURE_RENEG true in my custom log, it means we are supporting
Secure Renegotiation. But how should I enable client initiated ssl
renegotiation ?


Logging in apache

Hi Team,

How apache writes to access_log or error log. Whether it opens File
Descriptor(FD) for each request/connection to write in log file.


How modules are called during request processing phase

Hi All,

If I have two modules mod_A and mod_B. Both has defined a hook handler with
APR_HOOK_MIDDLE then which module will be called first to check handler.
Whether calling of module will be random for each request or it depends
which module is loaded first in httpd.conf.


Writting own module

Hi All,

I am writing my own module just to check process flow.

Scoreboard file


According to Apache documentation, parent and Child processes communicate
with shared memory. But I don't have shared memory, therefore they are
communicating through scoreboard file.

I added " ScoreBoardFile /apache/logs/apache_runtime_status " in httpd.conf
to create file at this location. When I started, apache_runtime_status file
get created at above location. But this file contains only 4 Bytes and
file is not getting updated with load on apache. Then how child and parent
processes are communicating with this 4 Byte scoreboard file?

Apache 2.0 architecture

Hi All,

While Debugging apache, I encountered with following questions. I am unable
to get answers for the following questions, please help to answer them.

Q1. Startup process is reading configuration two times and creating
conftree. Why do we need to read configuration script twice? Is there any
difference in conftree after first and second read of configuration script.

Q2. When we start apache, it starts with startup process and then it
detaches and starts Master/Parent Process. After that Master Process take
control and spawn child processes.

Mutex at run time


I set Mutex to default, sysvsem but when I am checking error_log
AcceptMutex is none.

My httpd.conf:
Mutex sysvsem
Mutex sysvsem mpm-accept

My error_log :
worker.c(1885): AH00294: Accept mutex: none (default: sysvsem)

Where am I going wrong to use mutex ?


Integrate Apache-2.4.25 with tomcat-8.5.23


My apache is running on at location "/home/hemant/apache"
and tomcat-8.5.x is running on at location

To integrate apache with tomcat I used mod_proxy and mod_proxy_ajp.
My httpd.conf looks like this :
<Location /ajp>
ProxyPass "ajp://"
ProxyPassReverse "ajp://"

My server.xml is configured like :
<Connector port="8009" protocol="AJP/1.3" proxyName=""
proxyPort="5643" />

When I am accessing "" then index.html of tomcat
appears, but If I click on any tab

Worker MPM with debug mode

Hi All ,

I added the following patch of code in my worker.c
static void clean_child_exit(int code)

if (one_process) {
prefork_note_child_killed(/* slot */ 0, 0, 0);
+ atexit(apr_terminate);

When I am starting apache with Worker mpm in debug mode and killing the
process with kill -term PID, it is not killing the process.

After send status 200 response, process exited

I started my apache successfully, but when I am sending request from
browser. Getting ERR_NO_RESPONSE in chrome.

I added LogLevel trace7 and collected the error log. What I have found
that, after successful response of requests(status-200), process is

Apache sending Content-Length 0


When I am sending request from browser to client for basic "index.html", I
am getting error that
" Err_EMPTY_RESPONSE " in browser.

When I checked in the error log, found that response content length is 0.

[Tue Dec 05 05:28:15.499282 2017] [core:trace5] [pid 150995199:tid
C:\cygwin64\home\hemant\apache\httpd-2.4.25\server\protocol.c(645): [client] Request received from client: GET / HTTP/1.1
[Tue Dec 05 05:28:15.499445 2017] [http:trace4] [pid 150995199:tid

AH00052 error in apache

Hi All,

When I am starting apache, its started successfully and also listening to
that port.
But when I am sending request from browser to apache. It is not responding
and giving error AH00052.

[Wed Nov 29 11:14:04.956827 2017] [core:notice] [pid 2097152018:tid
7876215824606887940] AH00052: child pid 738197672 exit signal signal #31

What is the reason for this error ? and how to solve it.
Attaching my configuration file.


Libtool lock error


While building apache, I am getting this error:
libtool: compile: Waiting for mod_lbmethod_bytraffic.o.lock to be removed
libtool: compile: Waiting for mod_lbmethod_bytraffic.o.lock to be removed
libtool: compile: Waiting for mod_lbmethod_bytraffic.o.lock to be removed
libtool: compile: Waiting for mod_lbmethod_bytraffic.o.lock to be removed
libtool: compile: Waiting for mod_lbmethod_bytraffic.o.lock to be removed
libtool: compile: Waiting for mod_lbmethod_bytraffic.o.lock to be removed
libtool: compile: Waiting for mod_lbmethod_bytraffic.o.lock to be removed

This time I am getting error

Worker MPM with kill


I started apache server which has worker as mpm in debug mode. I killed the
process with kill -9 then it kills the process and stop debug. But when I
am using kill -term PID then it is not killing process. Whereas kill -term
PID is woking with prefork debug.

If I want to use kill -term PID in debug mode of worker then how to do that.


Aapche with c99 or c11

Hi All,

I have compiled my apache with c99 and its working fine. I am planning to
use c11 compiler also.
Is there any impact will occur if I use c11 in place of c99 ?

Few more questions :
1) My apr is not supporting sendfile,random and mmap. What will be the
impact ?
2) When I am sending request from apache j-meter to my apache server then
for http is working fine with good TPS but for https, TPS is not good
because for most of the request it is taking connection time of
7000-9000ms. Is there anything am I missing in ssl configuration so that it
shouldn't connect continuously.


Apache creates Semaphore


Semaphore is used in multi process environment to share resources within
processes. But when I am starting apache in debug mode i:e single process
then still it creates semaphore. May I know the reason why it is creating
semaphore in debug mode also.