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Aapche with c99 or c11

Hi All,

I have compiled my apache with c99 and its working fine. I am planning to
use c11 compiler also.
Is there any impact will occur if I use c11 in place of c99 ?

Few more questions :
1) My apr is not supporting sendfile,random and mmap. What will be the
impact ?
2) When I am sending request from apache j-meter to my apache server then
for http is working fine with good TPS but for https, TPS is not good
because for most of the request it is taking connection time of
7000-9000ms. Is there anything am I missing in ssl configuration so that it
shouldn't connect continuously.


Apache creates Semaphore


Semaphore is used in multi process environment to share resources within
processes. But when I am starting apache in debug mode i:e single process
then still it creates semaphore. May I know the reason why it is creating
semaphore in debug mode also.


Apache with Semaphore


When I am starting apache in debug mode then it creates semaphore. In
another terminal I am giving command "httpd -k stop" to stop apache. It
stops successfully but it is not removing semaphore.

Why apache is not sending signal to remove semaphore in debug mode after
stop it.


Start apache with tomcat

Hi All,

I am using tomcat-7.0.82 and httpd-2.4.25.

Following are my configuration :

in server.xml

<!-- Define an AJP 1.3 Connector on port 8009 -->

<Connector port="5644" enableLookups="false" redirectPort="8443"
protocol="AJP/1.3" URIEncoding="UTF-8" />

in httpd.conf

Listen 5643

Loaded mod_proxy_ajp and mod_proxy

Include /home/ananya/apache-2.4.25/other/ajp.conf

in ajp.conf

ProxyRequests Off

<Proxy *>

Require all granted


ProxyPass / ajp://

ProxyPassReverse / ajp://

I started both tomcat and apache server.

log in socket.c in APR

Hi All,

I want to add log statement in apr to check some function in apr. When I am
adding ap_log_perror in socket.c in apr, it is giving error..

Is there nay way to print logs of apr. please help.


apr_socket_accept error


When I am starting my apache-2.4.25, I am getting following error.

[Wed Oct 11 13:05:23.521575 2017] [core:error] [pid 1744830478]
(4104)Socket operation on non-socket: AH02179: apr_socket_accept: (client

What are the reasons for this error.
Help will be apreciated.


How to stop apache from debugging


I started debugging with "./httpd -X" command. It starts debugging. Now I
want to stop debugging and start the server normally.

Which command should I use to stop debugging ?


Run apache without master


I want to start my apache without master process means when I will give
"httpd" command, it should start 5 worker process which has access to
httpd.conf as well as serve requests.

Is it possible to achieve this ? If yes, then how should to achieve this ?


Waiting for mod_dav.o.lock to be removed


I am getting "libtool:Waiting for mod_dav.o.lock to be removed" error while
make apache.

Any help will be appreciated.


Which file creates master process


I have apache-2.4.25 on my ststem. When we start server, initially master
process starts and give access to mpm. I want to know which ".c" file is
used to create master process before worker.c.


Build apache without mpm


By which configuration I can build apache without threaded> I dont want to
sue mpm.


MPM_Worker main process

Hi folks,

I have my apache-2.4.25 with worker mpm. For testing, I have killed the
master/main process and send simultaneous requests from apache j-meter and
my apache serves all the requests. What I have observed is that even with
loads number of worker threads are same, it means I lost forking
capability because of main process.

My query is without Master process, what functionalities will I loose?


User Auth type in apache-2.4.25

Hi ,

I have user and group in my httpd.config. I want to use user in Auth type
instead of basic or digest. so that whenever customer try to open
directory, promt will ask to enter username and password and customer can
enter "user" as username and password.

Is there any option to achieve this or I need to write my own module for


Use MPM other than worker,event and prefork

Hi folks,

I have installed apache-2.4.25 with worker module. But I want my apache to
start with my own module instead of worker module. In httpd.config, I have
commented LoadModule, but when I am staring apache, it is looking
for worker module.

Where I need to change code so that it will not look for worker module and
start with my module.


How to use binary to run httpd in different location


I have ported apache on my machine. I have copied bin,lib.conf,modules,
htdocs,logs to another location. Now I want to run my apache in new
location with these things only.
I changed path in httpd.conig and apachectl of new location, but while
starting it is starting apache in old location.

For example :
I ported apache on /home/hemant ..
I copied bin,conf,logs,htdocs,modules to /home/rakesh and in httpd.config I
replace all path of /home/hemant to /home/rakesh and changed port also.

Mod_http2 as static

Hi all

I want to load mod_http2 in my apache-2.4.25. I have installed nghttp2 also.
But my all others modules are shared i:e .so but my mod_http2 is creating
only static i:e .a

In my configure I have given --enable-mods-shared=all and

I tried with --enable-http2., also creating only static not dynamic.

Please help to create .so of http2.


How Apache starts is server


My apache is working with worker_mpm. I want to start my server as server
class, for this I need some changes.

I want to know how apache starts and reads which file. I found no line in
httpd.conf whcih tells or calls mpm_worker to start.

Please help in which way apache flows goes.


Kill Parent Process


I tried two scenarios with httpd-2.4.25 on my machine. My apache has
Case -1 :
I killed one process other than Parent process then new process is created
by apache at same time and there is no effect on requests accept by apache.

I killed parent process then all processes become zombie processes and
apache stops handling processes.

Is there any way so that if my parent process crashes then still apache
works properly and assign new parent process.


How mpm_workers work

Hi all,

In my configuration for mpm_worker, I set following datas

Case 1)

StartServer 3
ThreadPerChild 25
MinSpareThreads 75

In this case, when I start apache I found 5 servers start.

Case 2)

StartServer 6
ThreadPerChild 25
MinSpareThreads 150

In this case, when I start apache I found 8 servers start.

Case 3)

StartServer 1
ThreadPerChild 25
MinSpareThreads 25

In this case, when I start apache I found 3 servers start.

My Query is why two extra server is starting.
Can I change serverlimit?


Mod_ Backtrace in apache-2.4.25


Can mod_backtrace is available to support apache-2.4.25. I want to support
it on HPE Non-stop.
If no then order module which can work as backtrace.


Apache 2.4.25 with openssl 1.1.0e


I am trying to build httpd-2.4.25 with openssl-1.1.0e. But getting
error in SSLv2_Client_Method,
CRYPTO_malloc_init functions .

Whether anyone encountered the same problem?
Does apache-2.4.25 support openssl 1.1.0e?



I want to install mod_wsgi statically in apache-2.4.25. It has multiple .c
files to link. Thats why it becomes complex. Is there any easy way to add
third party module statically which has multiple .c files.


httpd object file


I ported httpd-2.4.23 on ubantu. I want libhttpd.a or But I am
getting only executable httpd.
Can you please help me to locate libhttpd or how to create libhttpd.a or Even I am not able to figure out httpd.o file.


PHP with apache


I want to integrate PHP with my httpd-2.4.23 static.
My OS already have PHP. I want to integrate with apache. System's php
didn't build with apxs.
Please help me how to integrate? Do I need 3rd party module ?

Another query, I am not able create .so(shared) of any library because of
my OS issue. Only .a and .la is creating with apxs, hence not able to load
them either statically or dynamically.

Adding static module in Apache-2.4.23


I am trying to add foo module in my apache server using apxs. But I am not
able to create .so file of module. But it creates mod_foo.a and
Because is not present, I am unable to write "LoadModule mod_foo
/module/" in httpd.conf.
My all modules built are static. So is there any way to add module
statically and what changes I need to change in httpd.conf.


Core code in apache

As apache has two parts, core and mudules.
I want to understand core part code of apache. Please share which is the
core code of apache.


Processes starts


When I am stating my httpd-2.4.23 servers, sometime 6 process id's or
sometimes 7 process id's are generated. Can I edit how many process id's I
want to start. I am assuming 1 process id is of root and remaining 5 of its
Please help to know why this is happening and where it is stated how much
to open?

Second doubt is I want to check process id's in access_log, I am editing %P
for process id in format, I am getting correct value. I want to use
%{format}P. I tried with this but this is not working, please helpp how to
get pid,tid,hextid using %{format}P.


How to run secure apache


I installed apache 2.4.23 static, I have httpd-sll.conf where default port
number is 443. mod_sll module also loaded successfully. I want to test
whether my secure https is working properly or not. How to check that?


Unresolved error in apr while creating static httpd-2.4.23


While porting static httpd-2.4.23, I am getting unresolved reference error
to u to apr_queue_push and apr_threads.

I have checked that it links libapr-1.a and libaprutil-1.a with it also.

Please help to solve error.


I have .so file in modules but getting syntax error


I have .so file of modules but when I am starting server with "./httpd", I
am getting error syntax error. I am porting apache-2.4.23

httpd: Syntax error on line 66 of /home/hemant/apache/conf/httpd.conf:
Cannot load modules/ into server: dlopen
(6CA053F0->/home/hemant/apache/modules/mo, 5): FileSystem Error\n 4013 on File