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Spam with unsubscriptions

Hey all,

what is this unsubscription spam? I got more than 30 unsubscription
messages via Ruby-Talk today!


ruby-xz 1.0.0 released

Good evening everyone,

I am pleased to announce that I have released ruby-xz 1.0.0 today after
several years of stallment.

ruby-xz provides Ruby bindings for the liblzma[1] library, the C library
behind the compression programme xz(1). It can thus be used to create or
unpack XZ-compressed tarballs if used together with the minitar[2]

German Ruby forum is replaced by mailinglist

Hi everyone,

as you may or may not have noticed, the only German-language forum on
the Ruby programming language, <>, closes due
to lack of someone willing to do the administration[1]. However, I as
one of the moderators of this forum (in consent with the other
moderators) am proud to announce that the forum is replaced by an
official ruby-de mailinglist that is hosted on[2], just
like Ruby-Talk is!

fiddle: enums?


I used to wrap C libraries in Ruby using the ffi gem[1], but I recently
learned that Ruby has already gained bindings to libffi in its stdlib,
named fiddle[2]. fiddle's API looks a little more raw than ffi's, but it
makes me wonder whether ffi will be around for a long time still once
fiddle's API gets a little love.

Anyway, I decided to give fiddle a try to eliminate the dependency on
ffi, but was stumped when I wanted to wrap a function using enums.

Giving up maintenance of ruby-xz gem

Hi everyone,

I give up the maintenance of the `ruby-xz' RubyGem[1][2] with effect
from today. `ruby-xz' provides bindings to liblzma[3], the library
powering the powerful xz(1) compression utility, using FFI bindings so
that no compilation is required. It also provides an interface similar
to Ruby's own `zlib' library that allows it to interact with
archive-tar-minitar[4] for creating XZ-compressed tarballs from within

I personally do not use the library anymore and I miss the time to
maintain it.

RubyGems and Bundler about to merge

Hi everyone,

I was pointed by a fellow dev to the below link from which you can see
that RubyGems and Bundler are just about to merge with the upcoming
RubyGems 3. I had not noticed this before as nobody appearently felt the
need to publish the plans about such a major move somewhere on an
official channel (like, the RubyGems blog or even this
mailinglist). Maybe community feedback was simply not desired.

Presentation of stdlib documentation

Hi, currently divides the Ruby documentation into core and
stdlib parts. This does not really work as if you look closely, there
are documents regarding DRB listed in the "Files" section at

What's more problematic is that when you click on a library on the
<> page, you are shown a more or less
long list of classes that belong to that library. That list leaves it to
you to correctly guess which of these modules or classes may or may not
have the primary documentation entrance to that library.

Minitest docs missing from Ruby documentation?

Hi everyone,

I searched the standard library documentation on, but it
appears the documentation for the minitest RubyGem, which is included
by default in Ruby, is missing. Does this mean Minitest is deprecated?
The documentation has last been there in version 2.1.9, see

Any insights appreciated.


Mail address change

Hash: SHA256

FYI, I have previously posted under the nickname "Quintus" with the
address <a href="mailto: ... at quintilianus dot eu"> ... at quintilianus dot eu</a> to this list. I’m going to use the
posting info you see in this mail in the future.