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What to do when Fedora CI run failed?


I have run fedora-rawhide-build-pipeline

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that failed in the


stage, something which (I believe) have very little control over.

What is the recommended way to remedy the situation, for example for
reruning that pipeline run?

Detecting building package on rawhide


I try to create SWID Tags for Fedora and I'd like to be able to
distinguish when running the rpm build on rawhide, as opposed to
"released" version.

Checking rpm --showrc, I can see rawhide sets %{fedora} to 29 and
there does not seem any mention of rawhide in the showrc output.

What would people recommend to distinguish rawhide from non-rawhide?
For now I'm running the builds in copr but eventually I'd like for
it to work in koji as well.

Thank you,

Packaging /run/lock/* directories breaks installation in containers


the page

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suggests to specify /run/%{name}/ directories and files in %files and
then says

Files placed in the subdirectories may be listed the same way
or omitted entirely as the files will be cleaned up on every

I assume it talks about subdirectories of that /run/%{name}/.

However, how about subdirectories like /run/lock/%{name}/ ?

In Fedora base container images, the /run is empty.