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milter_header_checks don't forward the message to filter


The header is detected but it doesn't seems to forward the message to
the filter:

May 12 20:40:01 submitter1 postfix-y31/cleanup[32460]: 1B29DD5F7E66:
milter-header-filter: header X-Spam: Yes from[]; from=< ... at gmail dot com>
to=< ... at gmail dot com> proto=ESMTP helo=<>:

Any ideias?

bounce_template_file with content type HTML

How can I specify the content of bounce messages as HTML in

antispam gateway rejecting unknown mailbox


I have a postfix server with antispam milter and policy daemons
forwarding messages to various distinct remote servers. It works very
well, all messages for the configured domains are forwarded using smtp /
lmtp transport to each server.

My ideia is keep the minimal configuration for each domain: domain
settings and the transport maps.

per recipient milter processing

I want to process outbound messages per destination recipient when sending to multiple CC / BCC. I know that I can do it with a content filter + filter_destination_recipient_limit. Is there a way to do this using milter protocol?

thanks in advance.

saving delivery status separately from logs


Is there a way to save delivery status separately from logs in realtime? I can do this parsing log files or writing a delivery agent to communicate directly with the remote server, but I would like to let postfix do this.

The purpose of this is to summarize the non delivery / bounces causes in a database without the need of DSN processing.

Thanks in advance.