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Build flatpak package with fedpkg


There is a new rpkg release, which has a new command flatpak-build for
building flatpak package.

<a href="" title=""></a>
<a href="" title=""></a>

Happy packaging!

Release rpkg-1.56 and fedpkg-1.35


New version rpkg-1.56 and fedpkg-1.35 are released.

Release notes:

* rpkg: <a href="" title=""></a>
* fedpkg: <a href="" title=""></a>

Bodhi updates:

<a href="" title=""></a>
<a href="" title=""></a>
<a href="" title=""></a>
<a href="" title=""></a>

Chenxiong Qi

Release rpkg-1.55 and fedpkg-1.34


New version rpkg-1.55 and fedpkg-1.34 are released.

Release notes:

* rpkg: <a href="" title=""></a>
* fedpkg: <a href="" title=""></a>

Bodhi updates:
<a href=";builds=fedpkg-1.34-1.fc28&amp;builds=fedpkg-1.34-1.el6&amp;builds=fedpkg-1.34-1.el7" title=";builds=fedpkg-1.34-1.fc28&amp;builds=fedpkg-1.34-1.el6&amp;builds=fedpkg-1.34-1.el7">;build...</a>

Intent to drop support of bodhi-client 0.9 in fedpkg

Hi all,

bodhi-client 0.9 is available in EPEL6 currently and other releases
have version >=2.0. fedpkg will benefit from this change to leverage
new functionalities introduced since bodhi-client 2.0 in a consistent

As a result, `fedpkg update` will not work in EPEL6. New command to
operate override will be added soon, which will only work with
bodhi-client>=2.0 as well.

This change could probably affect users who uses `fedpkg update` in
EPEL6. But I have no idea if someone does it nowadays.

Issue[1] is created. Feel free to comment out your ideas.

Release fedpkg-1.33

Hi all,

A new version fedpkg-1.33 is released.


- Allow running tests against specified rpkg (cqi)
- Fix test due to rpkg uses getpass.getuser (cqi)
- Getting bodhi version works with Python 3 - #213 (cqi)
- Detect Bodhi client by major version - #204 (cqi)
- Allow requesting modular repositories without bug ID - #197
- Fix test test_verify_sls_invalid_date - #209 (cqi)
- Copy pip-pycurl to ensure pycurl is installed correctly (cqi)
- Fix unicode issue for update command in Python 3 - #206 (cqi)
- Fix a few E722 code styles errors (cqi)
- Fix fake PDC URL in test (cqi)

Release rpkg-1.54

Hi all,

A new version rpkg-1.54 is released.


- Pass the -s/--set-default-stream to mbs-manager for module local
builds. (jkaluza)
- Write mock config correctly when run in Py 3 (cqi)
- Add --with and --without options to 'local' - rhbz#1533416 (tmz)
- Add a test for 3f93433 (cqi)
- Raise error if rpm command returns non-zero (cqi)
- Use getpass.getuser() instead of pwd.getpwuid(os.getuid())[0] (jpopelka)
- Allow setting custom MBS config file and config section in

Release rpkg-1.53

Hi all,

A new version rpkg-1.53 is released.

This is the first version delivering Python 3 package, which is

--module-name or some other name?

Hi all,

Recently, a fedpkg global option --module-name could confuse some
packagers easily because word "module" is sort of ambiguous with the
module introduced by Fedora Modularity. This option is used for
specifying a repository name manually instead of guessing that from git
push URL or the macro name in SPEC file.

To avoid the confusion, it would be nice to use another name, for
example --repository-name or --package-name. I personally prefer the
former one.

Release fedpkg-1.32

Hi all,

A new version fedpkg-1.32 is released.


- Add requests-tests-repo command (mvadkert)
- Use PDC instead of Bodhi to get the active release branches - #187 (mprahl)
- fix broken syntax in bash completion (tmz)
- Fix Python 3 incompatible code in tests (cqi)
- Better mocking. Return different values for each new request. (rbean)
- Typofix. (rbean)
- Add docstrings. (rbean)
- Automatically request module for non-standard branches. (rbean)
- Refactor: parameterize the request_repo and request_branch
functionality. (rbean)
- Some additions to the gitignore file.

New Release: fedpkg-1.28

Hello Fedora Devs,

You might have known that a new release of fedpkg-1.28 has been
available and in the Bodhi update now. It fixes bug 1425913[1].

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

New Release: rpkg-1.49 and fedpkg-1.27

Hello Fedora Devs,

I just made new release of rpkg-1.49 and fedpkg-1.27. Both of them are
in Bodhi update now.



- Python 3.6 invalid escape sequence deprecation fixes (ville.skytta)
- Disable tag inheritance check - #98 (cqi)
- Enable the fix to allow anonymous clone via https


- More upload PyCURL fixes for EL 7 (merlin)
- Move tag inheritance check into a separate method (cqi)

Still use fedpkg to build docker images in OSBS?


What I know so far is that docker images are built in Koji by the
container build plugin. I'd like to know if the osbs functionality in
fedpkg is still useful for some of you. This could be helpful to
determine whether to remove osbs from package tool totally, or just make
it a standalone command (separated from container-build command) so that
some packagers are still able to use it to build images in OSBS directly.

Re: Self Introduction: Chenxiong Qi

Hi all,

Hello everyone, my name is Chenxiong Qi. I'm living in Beijing and
currently working for Red Hat in the Pnt-DevOps department. I've been
developing and maintaining several internal projects that are written in
Python, Perl, Ruby, and C, as well as some upstream projects like
libabigail (maintaining the tool fedabipkgdiff), Nitrate,
python-krbcontext. I also made and maintained the RPM packages for the
projects I'm working on and past. Recently, I joined rpkg and fedpkg
projects and became a new maintainer. It's so excited to be here with
all of you.