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Label Printing

I have been given a TM-T88II M129B thermal printer by a friend who has
bought a newer label printer for his business.

This is a receipt printer but he was using it to print on rolls of
adhesive labels for product labelling.

I have not used a receipt/label printer like this on Ubuntu (or linux)

How would I go about setting this printer up to print from glabels?

Specifically how does the printer know when a label starts/ends?
The Dymo labelwriter labels which I have used in the past have black
bars on the back to align the labels.

Has anyone got any experience with this?

I am u

get-iplayer Snap


I have installed the snap as follows on Ubuntu 18.04.1 (with and without
classic option).

sudo snap install get_player --classic

but when I try to use get_iplayer to download:
paul@paul-pc:~/Videos$ get_iplayer URL_HERE

I receive the following error:
ERROR: Cannot open (write): /var/lib/snapd/void/..........

I cannot find anything searching the web.

why is get_iplayer trying to write to this location?

Browsing Samba Shares


I have Samba running on Ubuntu 18.04 with the default config (plus my
music share).

On windows 10 this works fine and I can see the server when I browse to

But on Ubuntu 18.04 and on LibreElec 8.25, when I browse my workgroup
for SMB shares, I cannot see any samba servers, even my windows pc.

If I manually enter the server's address then I can browse the shares.

Does anyone know why this is working in Windows and not linux?


EasyTAG WMA files

Hi all.

I have been through my entire music collection consisting mostly of flac
files and entered the correct metadata.

Now I am stuck on the last 3 albums which are in wma format.

When I open the directory in EasyTag the files do not show up for me to

Does EasyTAG not support WMA?

If not what program can I use to edit the tags?


Output VGA to TV

Hi all.

So I have a small foxconn nettop NT-3700 PC which I wish to use on
ubuntu in the bedroom, mainly to run kodi.

It has VGA output on the onboard AMD 6000 series graphics card which
supports C-Sync on the H pin.

I have set up the graphics card to output PAL 576i at 25fps 50HZ

However I cannot work out how to change the Horizontal sync from 31KHz
to 15.6KHz, with the result being that I can see the picture but it is
continuously scrolling across the screen very fast.

Is there a way do do this with a command? Of course if the graphics card
supports it.

Second Display stopped working.

Hi all.

So I have been using my PC all day on and off. I just woke my PC from
sleep half an hour ago and the second display wouldn't come on. It does
not show up in Settings > display Settings any more.

The gpu is a Nvidia GTX 760 graphics card with 2x Dell 24 inch monitors.
The first is connected by HDMI, the second by Display port.

I rebooted. Still not working

I ran sudo apt upgrade then rebooted. Nope.

I went into additional drivers and removed then re-installed the Nvidia

Boot taking a long time

Hi everyone.

I am having some trouble with Ubuntu Server 18.04 networking.

The system has two onboard NICs used in a network bond (bond0) in
balance-rr mode. The network bond is working fine with both or either
NIC connected.

When I boot the system from off or reboot I am presented with:

A start job is running for Wait for Network to be Configured

This is displayed on the screen for approximately 3 minutes at which
point the system boots normally.

Monitors Wrong way on Guest session

Does anyone know how to swap the monitors permanently on the guest
session so the guest doesn't have to go to display settings every single
time they login?

I am using Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit