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Where are armv7hl, i686 and ppc64le Container tar.xz files?

I am looking for arch container archive files like
" for Fedora 30.
I found the x86_64, aarch64 and s390x's archive files in below directory.
But where is the archive file of armv7hl, i686 and ppc64le?
I assume the multi archs except x86_64, aarch64 and s390x existed in
the age of Fedora 24, 25 in below releases directory.

And why below s390x does not have Fedora-Container-Base-*.tar.xz?

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Orphaning rubygem-paranoia

We have orphaned rubygem-paranoia discussing co-maintainer, as It is
not a required package to install Rails.
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module testing files?

Seeing current modules/* 's files.

Some of the modules have testing files in the directory.
Are the testing files still actually used for the modules?
I assume that only modules/foo/foo.yaml file is required.

Module's package branch name to be aligned?


I like to see "package branch name" of each modules to be aligned more.

Here is a list of the current module, the module stream name, the
package branch name, another package name.

Recommended platform: [] and version 2 format

Just sharing information.

When talking with a person in modularity team, I have told that for a
module config yaml file's below elements, the empty array "[]" was
recommended on Fedora.


Because when platform is "[]", the module is built on current
supported platforms (right now f28, f29, and f30).

rubygem-coderay license change

License of rubygem-coderay package was changed

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