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Review swap: bcftools

* Review Request: bcftools - Tools for genomic variant calling and
manipulating VCF/BCF files
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Bio science tool. C language. No sub package.

This new package is necessary to upgrade current samtools 0.1 to 1.9.
Because some functions in samtools 0.X had been split to bcftools.


Review swap (htslib)

Hi all,

Someone (especially proven packagers), could you review below library
package related to bio science?
It has already been reviewed several times. I think I fixed every
items mentioned by a reviewer.

Review Request: htslib - C library for high-throughput sequencing data
formats (required for `samtools`)
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Happy to review anything in exchange.


Where are armv7hl, i686 and ppc64le Container tar.xz files?

I am looking for arch container archive files like
" for Fedora 30.
I found the x86_64, aarch64 and s390x's archive files in below directory.
But where is the archive file of armv7hl, i686 and ppc64le?
I assume the multi archs except x86_64, aarch64 and s390x existed in
the age of Fedora 24, 25 in below releases directory.

And why below s390x does not have Fedora-Container-Base-*.tar.xz?

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Orphaning rubygem-paranoia

We have orphaned rubygem-paranoia discussing co-maintainer, as It is
not a required package to install Rails.
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module testing files?

Seeing current modules/* 's files.

Some of the modules have testing files in the directory.
Are the testing files still actually used for the modules?
I assume that only modules/foo/foo.yaml file is required.

Module's package branch name to be aligned?


I like to see "package branch name" of each modules to be aligned more.

Here is a list of the current module, the module stream name, the
package branch name, another package name.

Recommended platform: [] and version 2 format

Just sharing information.

When talking with a person in modularity team, I have told that for a
module config yaml file's below elements, the empty array "[]" was
recommended on Fedora.


Because when platform is "[]", the module is built on current
supported platforms (right now f28, f29, and f30).

rubygem-coderay license change

License of rubygem-coderay package was changed

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