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Can't boot into GUI: Centos 7 "Server with GUI" option

I'm setting up a new server on Centos 7, running x86_64. Motherboard is a MITAC PD11BICC, running
Indian Bay Trail, with a i915 chipset.

I installed "Server with GUI", but when it boots I get the "blank screen with a cursor" issue.

Decided to see about disabling the i915 driver, by blacklisting it. but I don't think I have the
right commands, as when I did that, it appeared on the reboot the i915 driver was still active.

vi /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist_i915.conf
added the following line to that file
blacklist i915
Saved the file.

Centos 7 and RAM


What would the recommended minimum amount of RAM be, to run Centos 7. 16GB???



Clamd issues on Centos 6.10

Hello all,

Been having an issue today that I can't seem to solve, so reaching out to others much more
knowledgeable for help/advice/assistance.

I ran the software update this morning and installed 134 packages, clamd was one of the packages.
Upon completion of the update, I needed to reboot the box.

Squirrelmail/PHP issue

Been using Centos and Squirrelmail since early in Centos 6 cycle. IIRC, I used to be able to
attach more than 4 pictures to an email. Now I can't, four seems to be the limit. Picture file
size doesn't seem to matter, they can be 50k or 5 meg each. I upped the limits in php.ini for the
following parameters to see if this would have any bearing on the issue:

post_max_size = 20M
upload_max_filesize = 15M

The way I see this is that I should be able to attach [more than] four pics of say, size 100K, to
an email. I can't.

Email pid issue

Hello gents,

First time poster here!

Current system running Centos 6.8. Buddy of mine posted a few days back about me wanting to move
from Postfix 2.6.x to 2.8 to above, still under centos 6.8. I might move over to 7, but probably
not for a while, don't have the resources presently to make this happen.

Running Centos 6.8, postfix 2.6.6, clamav 0.99.1.