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Licensing of the bundled libraries


Is it needed to explicitly list (or pack) license (files) of a library
that a package bundles? [1]
And if yes, what's the right way to do so?

The built package only contain 1 binary (and it's manpage and license
file). In this case - when no sources are packed - I'd understand that
it is sufficient to list and pack only the single license of the
resulting project.
Is that correct?

Wiki page correction: GRUB2


I'd like to propose tiny correction for the Fedora wiki page about GRUB2 [1].

However I'm not confident enought to edit it prior to any discussions,
so that's why I'm writing here.

In the chapter "Updating GRUB 2 configuration on UEFI systems"
In the section "Install the bootloader files"
I believe, there should be an information added, that the 'grub2-efi'
package *must* match your architecture. So e.g.

Removal of krb5-devel from "stable" F29 buidroot broke my package

Hello folks

I maintain 'mariadb-connector-c' package, which build (amongst others)
a plugin that utilizes kerberos authentication to the MariaDB

Recently, this very plugin stopped building. Everything else stayed the same.
The change appeared first after a commit that changes literally
nothing, but adds a "Requires: zlib-devel".

I compared the build and released versions before and after the commit.
On the Rawhide it could have been some buildroot change.

Strange rawhide behaviour


I built "community-mysql" package in version 8.0.14 in rawhide.
It was built on top of "libicu-devel" 63.1-1.fc30

ldconfig scriplets

Hi folks,

I have a 'mariadb-connector-c' package.

MariaDB - TokuDB storage engine


I maintain MariaDB.
There is a subpackage containing TokuDB storage engine. (available only for

However the TokuDB can't be build against Jemalloc 5, but on F>=28 there is
no older jemalloc version.
The build without jemalloc is not supported too.

Is it OK to drop the subpackage on F28 and later until the upstream adds
the Jemalloc 5 support?
I'm ready to drop such update to Bodhi.

Here's a bugzilla for this issue:
<a href="" title=""></a>

MySQL 8.0 release, testers welcomed

Hello everybody!
I want to share a quick overview of MySQL and MariaDB packages through

grass package

There has been no update for the 'grass' package in a half year. [1]

The package FTBFS and it looks like no interest has been given to this bug,
for example:
<a href="" title=""></a>

However, the updated and functional SPECfile can be found here:
<a href="" title=""></a>
as mentioned in the bugzilla before (by a guy from upstream?)

*Does anybody know, what's the status of the package?*

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

community-mysql update needs testing!


I'm in a hurry for this update to get to the stable repository, however it
contains OpenSSL update, which should be tested by many more users, to be

All karma - positive or neagitve - will be welcomed!

<a href="" title=""></a>


MySQL ODBC connector - deprecation


*I'd like to remove 'mysql-connector-odbc' package from Fedora.I'm looking
for feedback for such an action.*

For a long time 'mysql-connector-odbc' was the only connector of its kind
in Fedora.
However it is not update for a many releases, because upstream disabled
dynamic linking. It was building agains MariaDB for quite a time too. But
that building broke, when MariaDB renamed its library.

Testing 'd be appreciated: MariaDB 10.2.10 in rawhide

Hello everybody,

if you work with MariaDB and you wanted to spare a while to test the new
10.2.10 version, which is currently in rawhide, I'd appreciate it!

I made changes to the RPM layout, so some plugins were detached from the
main server package.
Also, the MariaDB shared library now do reside in libdir, instead of
libdir/mariadb, false provides has been removed and Cmake argumets has to
be updated - which all could cause some unwanted effect I couldn't imagine.
Also, I'd like to know, if the <a href="https://bugzilla.redhat" title="https://bugzilla.redhat">https://bugzilla.redhat</a>.
com/show_bug.cgi?id=1514820 is reproducible for you.

Some of you (users

MySQL, MariaDB

Hello everybody!

Since MariaDB 10.2 is finally stable and I resolved all issues that blocked
it for Fedora, I'd like to propose an update for Rawhide.

Current version of MariaDB: 10.1.24
Update planned to: 10.2.6 (or newer)

*This change introduces change of library name from "" to
*There are many dependant packages affected.*

The current (optimistic) plan is to deliver the update before Fedora 27 mass
rebuild <> at 12.7.2017.
Either the rebuild of all depending packages is inevitable.

We actively trac

Critpath - questions


some questions about Critpath, I was not able to find, looking at [1]
<> and [2]

TL;DR: why is MariaDB Critpath in F26 and Rawhide.

*1) *How can I list critpath packages?
I mean, this doesn't really show, what I expect:
# dnf groupinfo critical-path-base critical-path-apps critical-path-kde
critical-path-lxde critical-path-xfce critical-path-gnome core

*2)* How do I find out, which part of package is meant to be critpath?
I mean, who the hell would

Rotation logs - use or not to use

Cheers all,

I'm trying to do something with a patch in MariaDB, but I need to know
current situation about rotation logs.

*What's the problem:*
Upstream ship rotation log, we drop it out.
This started sometimes between F15 and F16.

Koji update to Kerberos problem

Hi, i need to continue using Koji even tommorow.
I am using Kerberos already, so I just add Fedora config file.

I believe, everything is set properly, because there exist more than one
login, that let me to the phase of writing down the password.

# kinit <a href="mailto: ... at FEDORAPROJECT dot ORG"> ... at FEDORAPROJECT dot ORG</a>
Password for ... at FEDORAPROJECT dot ORG:

However, my personal account seems to be missing.

# kinit <a href="mailto: ... at FEDORAPROJECT dot ORG"> ... at FEDORAPROJECT dot ORG</a>
kinit: Client ' ... at FEDORAPROJECT dot ORG' not found in Kerberos database
while getting initial credentials

What should I do?
What have I missed? (Some entry to Fedora LDAP or something?)

Self Introduction: Michal Schorm

I'm C/C++ programmer and now package co-maintainer.
You will be able to spot me around databases, so far, MariaDB.

Also I'm into strategy games, either board, live or PC. I organise some
events for youth, and make IT stuff for it (form programming web apps to
soldering, whatever is "fun to hack"). There is also place for classic
guitar, D&D and so on :) .