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RFC: Applications 17.12 as LTS release

Hi all,
I'm looking for feedback about the proposal of making KDE Applications
17.12 an LTS release. If there are enough developers interested, we can
make this happen (see this thread [1] on release-team for some context).

Motivations for making 17.12 an LTS release:

* 17.12 due in December, next Plasma LTS due in January.
* New openSUSE and Ubuntu LTS releases due next year.
* 17.12 won't have kdelibs4 applications, so it would be a 'stable' target.

On the other hand, Albert made good points against [2][3], since an LTS
branch means more work for developers.

KDE Applications 17.08 release notes

we need to collect the most relevant changes for the Applications 17.08
release announcement (to help the promo people).

Please fill the following page:
<a href="" title=""></a>


Wayland porting notes for applications

I started a wiki page [1] with some notes about porting applications on
Wayland. Mostly QtWidgets-related for now.

Feel free to improve it, if you think there is something that every
developer should know and that's not in that page yet.

[1]: <a href="" title=""></a>