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gawk API changes heads up

Hello folks! :)

The new major version of GNU awk (gawk) was released recently, and this
version introduced a new API (version 2.0). I want to give all of you a
heads up that I'm planning to do a rebase in Rawhide next week (probably on
Tuesday, November 7th, if everything goes OK).

If you have any gawk extension (or you somehow depend on gawk internals in
your packages), then you will have to update your packages so they are able
to work properly during runtime (with the new ABI).

On the other hand, I do not think we have so many extensions of gawk in

Allow deleting and force-push for auxiliary branches

Hello folks,

I have stumbled upon this several times before, and today again. And since
we have switched to Pagure, I think it's time to discuss this (again?)... :)

IMHO, the package maintainers should be allowed to make, delete and
force-push into private/auxiliary branches. Disabling completely the
deletion & force-pushing on all branches is IMHO PITA for many maintainers,
because it distorts the common git workflow...

I - as a maintainer - want often to create an auxiliary branch where I will
do some changes, do a git rebase/amend/etc.

urw-fonts: Versioning Mess

Hello guys,

I took over the maintenance of urw-fonts to update them to the latest
version (ghostscript and other packages needs them).

remote: sh: ./hooks/post-receive-chained.d/post-receive-alternativearch: No such file or directory

Hello folks,

when I was pushing new commit to ghostscript, I received the line in $SUBJ
during the push, for all the currently used Fedora branches.

Did anybody else stumble upon this? Any idea where should I report this bug
since this is apparently problem of our Fedora infrastracture?


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ghostscript rebased to 9-20 for all releases

Hello folks,

ghostscript package has been rebased to version 9.20 across all current Fedora releases. I am very well aware that we shouldn't do rebases for current releases, to avoid stability problems. However, I have decided for this step in order to fix 4 CVEs that arrived yesterday for ghostscript (3 of them with security impact=high).

Backporting the security fixes from upstream across 4 versions of ghostscript could increase the possibility the fixes wouldn't be backported correctly, and it would be most likely much more time consuming.

bash - Security fix for CVE-2016-0634 ready for testing.

Hello guys,

I backported the upstream patch for CVE-2016-0634 [1] into bash for Rawhide, F25, F24, and F23.

gawk - 2 new subpackages & other changes

Hello folks,

I've taken the gawk package throufh some maintenance recently. The specfile was not conforming to Fedora Packaging Guidelines anymore, and was becoming outdated. I tried to bring it to FPG as close as possible, therefore 2 new optional subpackages have been created:
* gawk-devel - contains the /usr/include/gawkapi.h header file
* gawk-doc - contains additional HTML, PDF and PS documentation (from upstream)

Below [1] you can find the list of *possibly* affected packages below.