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SSLSessioncache Timeout extension

Hi Yann/Eric,
Is it possible to change the timeout value of the session cache
(SSLSessionCacheTimeout) to:
now(current time) + timeout., every time a new request is submitted
or a new refresh happens.
This will be an additional option which can be externally enabled in
the conf file by users, if needed to extend the timeout.

I am trying to implement it in the below way in socache_shmcb.c in the
function shmcb_subcache_retrieve

- Get the decoded session cache as in apache 2.2
- Set the time for the session using SSLsession_set_time
- Add the time o

HTTPProtoco Options Apache 2.2

Hi Yann/Eric.
- We have ported the changes for CVE -2016-8743.

Query on cgidtimeout

Hi Yann,
I have a query wrt cgidscripttimeout in apache 2.4
There is simple cgi script which runs in loop printing the env
However low the value of cgidscripttimeout ts set to the script
doesnt seem to terminate, but executes completely.
Is there anything i am missing, pls advise.


Apache 2.4 (Apache Benchmarking) - Too many open files (24)

Below is the issue encountered when i am trying to use apache 2.4 to
validate performance using the benchmarking tool(ab tool).

ab is invoked with 2000/1000 concurrent requests and subjected to 80000 cgi
requests. The module enabled is mod_cgid.