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spam with doutle at (fake@domain1@domain2)


My server is crying with a spam problem. we are receiving a lot of
fake messages with virus attached.

the messages comming from an account like
... at mydomain dot ... at spammerdomain dot com with content very simlilar
to the messages sended by our real contacts.

How can i block that? im trying with amavisd-new and postgrey but dont work.

maybe can i use some regexp?

thanks a lot

is possible modify the source address based on the subject?

Is possible rewrite the sender address on a send mail when the subject
have some special expression?

By example: if i send an email from <a href="mailto: ... at domain dot com"> ... at domain dot com</a> with the word in
the subject UPDATES, so send the email like sended FROM
<a href="mailto: ... at domain dot com"> ... at domain dot com</a> ??????

can i do that with regrex?

<a href="" title=""></a>

Really and a little bit confused with that Readme.

Thanks in advance.

Can a ISP block partially the traffic over the port 25 ??


I'm have a very strange issue with a mail server, locate in the main
company office. Until the last five weeks we are experimenting
problems to deliver emails to some domains stored on and
other servers.

Bounce messages like gmail


Im looking about how to customize the bounce messages.

I follow this guide

<a href="" title=""></a>

And work fine, but i wanna customize it using HTML (like gmail), but i
cant foud how do that.

Something like this

<a href="" title=""></a>

How can i do a similar on postfix?

thanks and regards.

Many copies of the same message in the mailbox


i some users are reporting me to they are receiving many copies of the same
message. the remitent just send 1 message and the recipient receipt 7 or
more copies of the same message.

we check the send mail folder in the remitent (outlook 2010) and just have
the message sended 1 time.

the copies received in the destination folder have aprox 4 or 6 mins
between them.

can be a client sender problem? how can i verify that?

thanks and regards.

can i save and keep a copy in the MX secundary queue?


I have a secundary MX managing the queue when the main MX is no
available. All work fine. The main MX is on line again and the
secundary MX send the messages to them. But we need an special
feature to some specifical accounts:

if the secondary MX receive a message to <a href="mailto: ... at domain dot com"> ... at domain dot com</a> and the main
MX is not available, the user crm need access to the message stored in
the secundary MX.

cert error on outlook when send email using ssl


Im trying to use postfix with ssl. Now is working, but i have a little
situation with the outloook clients.

always to send a email, see a message

"The name of the security certificate is invalid or does not match the
name of the site"

The message is sended after accept the message, but the end users are
affraid with this message.

Im looking o google about to how to solve, but all the info are
related with ms exchange and i use postfix.

Can you share me some clues to solve it?

thanks in advance

Hotmail change the mail policy yesterday????'


From yesterday many servers to i admin has been banned to send
messages to hotmail. The error is related to said: 550 SC-001

Do you are experimenting the same issue today?

Thanks and regards.

Is possible reject mail with multiple destination?


My boss was request me to stop the mails related with non laborals contents.

Specifically wanna stop all the emails related with videos, jokes,
funny pictures, etc. We detect to any email with 12 or more address
destination in the body, always have non laboral content.

Is possible evaluate the body content to stop any email with 12 or
more forward addresses?

Thanks in advance.

messages lost


This is my first post. :)

I have a mail server with a very rare issue. Many users was reported
me to some messages was not arrive to the destination. I enable a
always_bcc account to trace all the messages, and i detect, in many
cases, to some lost messages are with bad destination info or blocked
by spam filters in the destination servers. But some messages
continue without any notice.

My boss was send the last friday aprox 50 messages. He asked me about
why not all the messages was correctly received by the destination
account (both in the same domain and server).