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Join us for Kubuntu Cafe live tonight! – 4th November – 9pm-11pm UTC

Join us for our /dev/random format online community ‘unconference’.
Hosted by our very own ‘Kubuntu Musketeers’


9 pm- 11 pm UTC.

This open format show provides a huge variety including. Discussion,
Tech Guests, Tutorials, Reviews, Projects, Hacks, User guidance, Quests,

The agenda is built on the fly, and driven by the participants.

Updated 17.10 RC ISOs now available

Following on from yesterday's 1st spin of the 17.10 RC images by the
ubuntu release team, today the RC images (marked Artful Final on the QA
tracker) have been re-spun and updated.

Please update your ISOs if you downloaded previous images, and test as

Please help us by testing as much as you have time for.

KCI builds once b-series (18.04 LTS) development starts

Once the b-series (18.04 development start we would have 4 active series
building on KCI. Xenial, Zesty, Artful and 'b-series'.

Since we already arguably generate too many builds at present, then I
propose that we retire builds for both Xenial and Zesty.

Rational for those:

Xenial - There is little that we are likely to backport to Xenial any
more with the help of KCI, and what individual packages we might can be
test built on a case by case basis. We already have some breakages with
Xenial builds due to difficult to backport dependencies, which is only
going to get worse with time.

New Kubuntu Councillors meeting

Rick kindly set up a Phab task [1] (summarised below) to organise a
meeting to get the the new Council members, and the council
collectively, off to a great start for the next year and cycle.

<a href="" title=""></a>

and a doodle poll for a time/date in the next week or so.

<a href="" title=""></a>

Please vote on time/date.

Notes from the last Kubuntu Vision meeting can be found at:

<a href="" title=""></a>

Thank you all.


*** Phab task summary ***

New Kubuntu Councillors meeting


packageset refresh for kubuntu

Can I please request an interim packageset refresh for kubuntu?

We have a new major version of KDE applications to upload soon, which
involves 20+ sources that are are ours and in the archive via previous
MOTU help, but not refreshed into our set yet, plus one new source.

(we can get help for the one new source at least)

I was hoping to get things all uploaded with help 1st then refresh so
only needs doing once in artful cycle, but practicalities mean it is now
maybe better to refresh now, then do another mini-refresh a little later.

If doing more than one refresh in a relatively short per

SRU verification - plasma 5.9.5 update for Zesty


The SRU verification for plasma 5.9.5 to zesty updates for zesty remains
outstanding, and needs to be done if we with this update to go ahead
into the archive.

The bug to verify on is here:

<a href="" title=""></a>

SRU verification procedure is here

<a href="" title=""></a>

If not verified, these updates will eventually be deleted.

Thank you.


Tomahawk player status

See bug: <a href="" title=""></a>

"libechonest has been removed from Debian unstable, with the rationale
that it uses an external API that no longer exists (Debian bug #862551).
tomahawk-player depends on libechonest, which prevents libechonest's

KDE PIM 16.12.3 for zesty backports

As per:

<a href="" title=""></a>

I would like copy PIM 16.12.3 from the apps staging ppa to
'backports-landing' for some final testing in the next day or 2, and
call for some testing via the blog etc.

If there are any objections or suggestions, please voice them.



upgrade KDE localisations/translations for KDE

Please can this FFe be reviewed and/or approved?

Very much want testers for the beta to have these to test.

Thank you.

Ref: <a href="" title=""></a>

Help needed - Fix debian/copyright on split kdepim packages

See task on our Phabricator workboard

<a href="" title=""></a>

If people want new KDEPIM in zesty 17.04, please help.

All or most are still showing the original copyright from kdepim and
kdepimlibs etc.

These needed to be reviewed and corrected for each package.

Default desktop containement settings for 17.04 (plasma 5.9)

Please read and comment on:

<a href="" title=""></a>



Status of KDE PIM in zesty

As I'm sure most are aware, we have not yet uploaded and update of KDE
PIM from 16.04.3 to 16.12.x to zesty archive.

The delay has been as result of initially lacking the required
QtWebEngine, and then required gpgme1.0 >= 1.7.x with the qt dev/cmake
files built.

QtWebEngine only builds in zesty for amd64, i386 and armhf, while
gpgme1.0 is still FTBFS on armhf, arrm64 and powerpc.

Upshot of that is that under those conditions, most of the PIM suite
will only build on amd64 and i386 (with some partial success on other
archs up to the point where those deps cause it all to go south).

Some te

acc test fail in libkf5kgeomap

libkf5kgeomap in zesty fails the acc test on all archs, compiling
headers with the error at the bottom of this message.

Seems from a search to possibly be a GCC bug upstream only recently fixed.

<a href="" title=""></a>

acc exit code 6 "Headers have been compiled with minor errors." seems to
indicate only a minor issue we can override for now and wait for any
upstream GCC fix?

opinions welcome

The GCC parameters:
gcc -fdump-translation-unit -fkeep-inline-functions -c -x c++-header
-fpermissive -w -fPIC "/t

Remove obsolete and blocking old KDE4 sources from zesty

This email is duplicated on the phabricator task here:
<a href="" title=""></a>

It is getting to the stage where some old KDE4 packages seem to be
likely to get in the way of new KF5 applications migrating.

For example:

New KF5 okular's 'okular-mobile' package depends on new KF5

However, the old KDE4 baloo in the archive depends on the old KDE4
kdegraphics-mobipocket libraries which would be superseded and no longer
available if KF5 kdegraphics-mobipocket migrates from proposed.

So at the moment neither KF5 kdegraphics-mobipocket or okular KF5 will

Kubuntu Developer Application for Rik Mills (doodle poll included)


As encouraged by the team and council, please find below a doodle poll
for proposed developer application meeting times.

<a href="" title=""></a>

My developer application wiki page can be found here:

<a href="" title=""></a>

That page is still a work in progress, but any comments and constructive
criticism on that OR the application as a whole, added to the comments
section if you are able, is very welcome.

Plasma 5.8 & apps/FW backports - proposal to release this weekend

We now have some useful testing feedback via mint KDE users

See the comments in this link: <a href="" title=""></a>

plus of course out own testing, which has likewise not shown any easily
confirmed showstoppers.

We are always going to have bugs and potential bugfixes to apply in any
software we release to users, but from my point of view there is nothing
critical there, which I can confirm, which would mean delaying pushing
the backports to the main backports ppa beyond this weekend.

The xenial phone overlay ppa has fixes from Qt 5.6.2 backported to 5.6.1
that we can quite easily

Kubuntu packageset additions for zesty

I have prepared a trello card at the following link:

<a href="" title=""></a>

I would be grateful if you could review and add to the list as
appropriate, as soon as is reasonably convenient.



KCI nightly build schedule

Currently this it set to run at midnight UTC seven days per week.

On Sunday morning LP undergoes some scheduled maintenance, meaning for a
period of 4 hrs or more the LP publisher does not run, so builds appear
to fail with a time-out.

Coupled with the facts that some of our contributors in non European
time zones find that the nightly at the weekend clashes with times when
they may be able to work on packaging fixes, and that the traffic of
upstream git commits by KDE dev is very much slower at the weekend, then
it has been suggested that at least the build at 0:00 UTC Sat
night/Sunday morn