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Increasing spam level to backup MX

Hi Friends,

activating a backup server I realized that some spammers using this
server to send spam to my relay_recipient_maps addresses. Spam is then
successfully forwarded to the main server.

Is there a parameter to prevent this type of action? A type check "do
not receive email if the main server is reachable...?

Or should I operate directly by SpamAssassin?

many many thanks


MX backup doesn't queue

Hi friends,
on a Debian Jessie and Postfix 2.11.x,

where DNS configuration seem fine, infact if I shutdonwn the primary
email server, the correspondence is delivered to the second correctly.
where SERVER1 is "the.backed-up.domain.tld"
where SERVER2 is "the backup MX)

My point is to understand why Postfix (on MX backup) store email into
mailbox and does not queue them.

It seems to me that the essential parameter is:

/relay_domains = . . .

Postfix MX backup doesn't send to primary server

Hi friends,
I'm wondering about an Postfix MX backup server correct configuration.
I'm working on Debian Jessie and Postfix 2.11.x.

If I shut down the primary server, the MX backup receive the mail
correctly and mail goes into mailbox 'INBOX'.
The problem is that if I try to look into the postfix queue this is

postqueue -p
Mail queue is empty

and of course the message is not delivered to the main server!

I have recently approached Postfix and I would need help debugging this

These are the setups of the two different servers:

SERVER1: <a href="" title=""></a>

MX backup server: auto sync databases user and domains

Hi friends,
I would like to know how automate the users and domains list between primary
and backup MX server, where the primary (and secondary) mail server use
mysql for each user and domain list (and create so an MX backup server that
it does not become a "backscatter mail"!)

I've seen this dated tutorial, Gentoo made:

And I would like to know if is it possible to adapt this tutorial on a
Debian Jessie environment.

Many thanks!

Unable to use encrypted password for imap and pop3

Hi friends,
Following the Workaround tutorial for Jessie
(<a href="" title=""></a> ) I've set up six month ago my
first Postfix email server and all works very fine, except for the
ability from the user to encrypt login password.
I can use the encrypted password with smtp, but not with pop3 and imap.
The certificates are from Letsencrypt.

Could you suggest me where I should look into?

Many many thanks!


Here are 'postconf -nf' and 'postconf -Mf':

------------------------------------------ postconf -nf


Postfix submission port closed

Hi friends,
I'm installing Postfix + Dovecot on my first VPS Debian Jessie, so
I'mabeginner :-)
using Christoph's workaround tutorial:
<a href="" title=""></a>.
I've made some test, andthe previous oneshave gone well:

1) echo test | mail <a href="mailto: ... at example dot org"> ... at example dot org</a>
2) mutt -f /var/vmail/
3) mutt -f imap:// ... at example dot org@localhost
4) access by roundcube
5) telnet localhost smtp
6) openssl s_client -connect localhost:25 -starttls smtp

More than thetutorialI've installedshorewalland open/close someports:

# ACCEPT net $FW tcp 25