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Trying to reach FAS user brouhaha (Eric Smith)

Hey all, subject line says it all. I’m trying to get in contact with
Eric Smith (<a href="" title=""></a>) regarding the
libbsd package.

Review Request: swift-lang (Apple's Swift programming language)

Hi all-

I'm looking for a package review of Apple's Swift programming language:

<a href="" title=""></a>

I greatly appreciate any and all assistance in getting Swift available
on Fedora.


RPM for libblocksruntime?

Hi all-

I know this has come up before, though I apologize that I couldn't find
the info, but what is preventing Fedora from including
"libblocksruntime" as an available RPM?

Requesting for contact info for Nethack maintainer

Hi all-

I've been trying to follow the guidelines for assuming responsibility
for a package per
<a href="" title=""></a>
and am on step 4, asking if anyone knows how to contact the current
maintainer for Nethack 3.6.

The issue in question is:
<a href="" title=""></a>.

As I stated in the bug report, I'd be happy to take over responsibility
for this package and keep it going forward.



Self Introduction: Ron Olson

Aloha all-

I’m Ron Olson, with the nickname tachoknight. I have been using Unix
since 1989 and Linux since about 1992, when we somehow got an early
version to run on a Gateway2000 machine.

I have submitted for review an update to the Nethack RPM to update it
from 3.4.3 (where it had been for many years), to 3.6.0:
<a href="" title=""></a>

One of the first games I played besides Colossal Cave and Zork was