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golang-github-chmduquesne-rollinghash license change (MIT -> MIT and BSD) with 3.0.0

The license changes from "MIT" to "MIT and BSD" as of the newly released
version 3.0.0, which has been built for rawhide and will make it to f27 and
f26 if no problems with dependent packages (syncthing) arise.

This has no real effect for fedora, since the changed license tag only
arises from a newly introduced BSD-licensed golang subpackage (the
rabinkarp64 algorithm), which is used nowhere yet - and all other parts of
the package remain MIT-licensed. So I'm just sending this notice as
required (<a href="" title=""></a>).


How to handle broken dependencies in F27?


I've got two packages (gala, wingpanel) that have broken dependencies in
F27 because of unfortunate timing:

1. GNOME 3.24 prerelease broke builds just in time for the mass rebuild,
2. upstream took a few days to come up with fixed support for GNOME 3.24,
3. I built fixed packages and they have been in rawhide and
f27-updates-testing for some time now,

Any plans for completing the go 1.9 rebase (to stable 1.9)?

According to the Change for F27 [0], all golang packages have been rebuilt
against golang 1.9beta2. In the meantime, go 1.9 stable has been released
upstream (Aug. 24, 2017) [1].

I suspect that some of the issues I am having with go / my golang packages
in fedora would be fixed by the update to the final release, since upstream
test suites targeting go 1.9 stable in travis aren't hitting any of those

What's the plan for rebasing golang to the stable release?

pagure-over-dist-git: traceback in receive-hook when pushing to new repo

I've just pushed an import commit to my first repository that was created
with fedrepo_req on pagure, and I got the following traceback from the
remote when it obviously failed to run a post-receive hook:

remote: Traceback (most recent call last):
remote: File "./hooks/post-receive.default", line 19, in <module>
remote: import pagure # noqa: E402
remote: File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/pagure/", line
60, in <module>
remote: APP.config.from_envvar('PAGURE_CONFIG')
remote: File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/flask/", line
108, in from_envvar

fedpkg new-sources broken?

Right now, I can't build updates or new packages, because "fedpkg
new-sources" is getting stuck (for more than 15 minutes) without error
message (other than the bodhi deprecation warning) and it doesn't do
anything until I kill it ...

I can't pin down the exact date it stopped working (since I don't use it
every day), but I first noticed it yesterday after installing updates from
f26-updates-testing (although those updates probably didn't cause the bug,
because downgrading to f26 stable packages didn't help).

Am I the only one affected by this bug or has nobody else been building

Review Swaps: Simple golang packages (for syncthing)

Hi everybody,

I need somebody to take on the Review Requests of the only 3 golang
dependencies that are still blocking a syncthing package:

<a href="" title=""></a>
<a href="" title=""></a>
golang-github-cznic-ql: <a href="" title=""></a>

They need to be reviewed in that order (because dependencies).

Review Swaps: (mostly) very simple golang packages

Hi everybody,

I've been putting together package Review Requests for all the golang
package dependencies of syncthing (an open source file synchronization
service). Some of them have already been reviewed (thank you, Jan! I feel
much more confident about my golang packaging now), but there are still 16
packages left.

The packages are (mostly) very simple (standard golang specs generated by
gofed), and I've added explanatory comments where they differ from the
automatically generated gofed output for the repository in question.

becoming a co-maintainer of plank

Hello Wesley,

I am working on getting all the elementary apps and pantheon desktop
components into fedora and wondered if you could approve my ACL Requests
for becoming a co-maintaner of plank (since that package is obviously also
part of a Pantheon DE and ties in with the other packages I am maintaining
already, see <a href="" title=""></a>).


becoming a co-maintainer of elementary-icon-theme

Hello Johannes,

I am working on getting all the elementary apps and pantheon desktop
components into fedora and wondered if you could approve my ACL Requests
for becoming a co-maintaner of elementary-icon-theme (since that package
obviously ties in with the other packages I am now maintaining, see
<a href="" title=""></a>).


f25+: vala 0.34.x+ bug causing .vapi file generation for ALL CURRENT PACKAGE BUILDS to be possibly faulty

I has come to my attention that - since the update to vala from the
0.34.x series has made it into the fedora 25(+) repositories - every
package that generates .vapi files during build might have done so
incorrectly, because of the following bug, which is present in vala
releases up to 0.34.3 (also including 0.35.1), but has been fixed in

Functions that have a return type of a fixed-size array were not
treated correctly - they instead are wrongly indicated to return the
base type of the respective array (the array qualifier "[]" is

I reported this bug at
<a href="https://bugzilla.redha" title="https://bugzilla.redha">https://bugzilla.redha</a>

Self Introduction: Fabio Valentini (decathorpe)

Here goes my introduction as a new (or aspiring) package maintainer for fedora.

I have been using fedora as my daily driver OS for some years now (I
think starting with f18 or f19).