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autoconf-archive suddenly gone in EPEL 7


please correct me if I am wrong or if this isn't the right list.

One of my packages needs autoconf-archive.noarch for building on CentOS 7
but the build fails because autoconf-archive is not available in EPEL 7

yum search autoconf-archive

reveals nothing. Have I missed something?


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Hi there!

I want to get sponsored into the packager group.

About myself: I am a programmer by trade working in the UTC+0100 timezone. I contribute regularly to Open Source projects but nothing of any great significance. In fact my current employer lets me put most new code I write these days on GitHub. You find my profile here [1]. I use CentOS and RHEL systems quite regularly since a few years now and usually stick to Fedora VMs for development purposes. I never really had any contact to Fedora development before other than sometimes lurking around in IRC asking questions.