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Review Swap - perl-IO-Socket-Multicast

Do you have a package that needs are reviewer? Would you be willing to do a review swap?

I'm looking to have the following perl module reviewed:
<a href="" title=""></a>

There isn't much to this module so the review should be pretty straightforward.

While I do have prior packaging experience, I'm still fairly new to Fedora, and have not done a review yet.
However, I'm looking forward to learning so I can contribute back to the community.

Koji build - unexpected keyword argument 'canfail'

I am attempting to build perl-Sort-Key-1.32-4.el6.src.rpm for inclusion into epel6. This is a rebuild of the f20 branch.

Self Introduction: Andrew Bauer

Greetings fellow Fedora enthusiasts,

I'm just getting started and thought I'd introduce myself.

I am part of the upstream ZoneMinder project (<a href="" title=""></a>), and I also maintain, as a single source to install the ZoneMinder rpm and its somewhat hard-to-find perl dependencies.

As I learn Fedora/EPEL policies and procedures, I plan to submit package requests for the dependencies currently missing from either Fedora or EPEL.