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orphaned vim-vimoutliner


I orphaned vim-vimoutliner.

I switched to emacs and haven't touched it for some time.



droping file_contexts.bin from selinux-policy-targeted package


we are going to drop file_contexts.bin from selinux-policy-targeted package.

file_contexts.bin file is regenerated by sefcontext_compile utility every time
policy is rebuilt, e.g. during update, after semodule -B, ... and this file
contains pre compiled pcre regexes from file_contexts.

We added this file to selinux-policy-targeted in order to prevent problems such
were [1] [2] but it causes another problems like [3]

Since systemd should be already fixed, it seems to be safe to drop it again and
let it create during post install phase.

libselinux golang bindings will be dropped from Rawhide


libselinux golang bindings [1] haven't been touched since 2014, have
never been upstreamed, nothing requires/uses them in Fedora and since
there's another SELinux golang bindings maintained by opencontainers [2]
I'm going to drop them from Fedora Rawhide.

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>
[2] <a href="" title=""></a>



SELinux userspace 2.6 and SETools-4.1.0 update in Rawhide


I'll push builds with updated SELinux Userspace and SETools in to
Rawhide soon.

In the mean time, you can test it from my COPR plautrba/selinux-2.6
repository [1].

SELinux userspace Release 2016-10-14 - 2.6

- sepolicy was converted to SETools 4
- lot of genhomedircon enhancements

For more information about this release see [2]

SETools 4.0.0 and 4.1.0

- this update is needed for policycoreutils-2.6
- tools were reimplemented in Python
- added new tools sedta and seinfoflow
- implemented v30 policy support
- apol - PyQt5 was chosen for the GUI library for SETools

For more informati

awstats license change

Hello all,

awstats-7.2 upgraded license to GPLv3+.

awstats-7.2-1.fc21 is being built for Rawhide right now.



Heads-up: cyrus-sasl-2.1.26 with libsasl2 soname bump

Hi all,

I'm going to push update cyrus-sasl-2.1.26 into Rawhide soon. Part of this update
is also SONAME bump to

The main issue with this update is that it would break buildroot since there is the openldap
package requiring which is part of buildroot.

upstart and /var/{lock,run} on tmpfs in Rawhide


upstart (upstart-0.6.6-3.fc15) now includes tmpfiles job (/etc/init/tmpfiles.conf) which looks
for /var/{lock,run}/* directories configured via /etc/tmpfiles.d/* files and tries to create them
if they don't exist.

It allows to switch to upstart without tmpfs on /var/{lock,run} even if some packages were
already installed on system with systemd/tmpfs feature.

You can also use /var/{lock,run} on tmpfs in similar way as is configured with systemd.

upstart in rawhide


systemd will be default init system in Fedora 15 and scripts infrastructure will be adapted to it.
There is a plan to leave upstart in Fedora as non-official alternative.

For now (since upstart-0.6.5-12.fc15):

- upstart-sysvinit is no longer created

- upstart requires sysvinit-userspace (now provided by systemd) which provides upstart compatible
utilities /sbin/halt,poweroff,reboot,shutdown,telinit

- conflicting upstart utilities are located in /lib/upstart

- jobs definitions in /etc/init/ are already packaged in upstart but still taken
from initscripts upstream git

- to use upst