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Mass Pull Request filing for ambiguous Python 2 requirements

Hi all,

It has been a while since the last discussion on Python packages naming
policy, i.e. using "python2" instead of just "python", in preparation
for making "python" mean Python 3. Thanks to zbyszek's effort, most of
the ambiguously named Python packages were renamed in Rawhide. That has
unblocked even more packages which use "python-" prefixed names in
requirements (which is banned by the policy [0]).

So, as planned [1], we want to start opening Pagure PRs with
automatically generated patches to fix misnamed dependencies

Missing executables in Python 3 subpackages

Hi all,

According to the Fedora Packaging guidelines for Python [0], if a Python
packagethat supports Python 3installs executables into //usr/bin/, then
either both Python versions of the executables should be packaged, or
only the Python 3 version, depending on the functionality they provide.

However, after going through all Python 3-compatiblepackages for Fedora,
we have identified up to ~30 packages which provide both python2- and
python3- subpackages with executables available only in the Python 2