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Best way to learn Ruby internals

Hi all,

While I love Ruby, I must admit, I only have a small amount of knowledge of
how Ruby "pickles my onion". Being someone who likes to know how things
work, I'd love to dive into Ruby's source code but before I blindly go
where many people have gone before, I was wondering what you lovely
Rubyists would recommend doing. Is Ruby similar to Python (excuse my
language) in the sense it is compiled to bytecode and an interpreter runs
it implicitly? Any videos/articles you have on Ruby's internals would be

Best practices for managing a Ruby project (simple interpreter)

Hello fellow Rubyist,

I am currently working on a simple stack based language (hoping to make it
something like Factor [1]). I've never really managed a Ruby project before
and was looking for best practises as regards developing this project. How
would the directories be laid out and how to build it authentically and how
to keep dependancies up to date?

Thanks in advance


[1] <a href="" title=""></a>