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Question about a package I might update

Brotli 1.0.5 is out and I might update it in Rawhide, but the tool I used
to check ABI differences seems to have stopped working on both Arch and
Fedora. So I'm not sure if Brolti included any ABI/API breaking changes.
Should I push an update anyway?

plan to update brotli to 1.0.4 in Rawhide

I'm supposed to notify you a week in advanced, which for me puts it
at 2018-04-21. the following packages will need to be rebuilt once that


So I just announce that I'm updating the package on the day I update it

How should I coordinate the package updates with you guys?

Brotli apparently just got a new update, and I was told I have to
coordinate package updates with you guys in Rawhide instead of just
uploading the updates unannounced. How should I proceed?

Question about contributing

I found a package that people may actually use that I could package for, The Brotli command line tool by Google, as it can have a much better compression ratio than LZMA or LZMA2 for a lot of files. Though according to the Fedora Wiki, they say to "inform upstream". Should I do this first before creating a review request for the package or wait until the package is approved?

Self Introduction: Travis Kendrick

Hi, I'm Travis (aka Pouar in the Furry Fandom) and I'm hoping to become
a package co-maintainer (assuming there are any packages needing one,
not sure where to find them so I might need help). If not there are a
few packages I could probably submit, but I'm not exactly available 24/7
atm. I've been using Linux since around 2010, although atm my primary
distro is Arch, but I still use Fedora on systems where I don't have the
time/motivation to setup Arch on (I like both distros). I haven't really
did very many big open source projects.