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Do you have ubiquity slideshow changes for Disco?


Just an advance reminder if you want to make ubiquity slideshow
changes for the Disco release: make them as soon as possible, to give
time for translators to translate them.

Kind regards,

Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre < ... at ubuntu dot com>
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New tool for proposed migration help


Lukasz and I wrote a new tool to attempt to help with proposed migration
(well, we did that at least a year ago). I just added it to
lp:ubuntu-dev-tools (apologies, this was done without much consultation
prior to this email). Now we need help to make this tool even better.
Your feedback is welcome.

Proposed migration is great work for new contributors wishing to work on
something, say, to get upload privileges in Ubuntu.

Suggested deadline for 17.10 installer slideshow updates


Last cycle, we've had a fair number of pretty late slideshow updates,
and I had to do some amounts of manual translation mangling to fix
issues. I'd like to avoid that this cycle, and for future cycles, too.

Please see this as a reminder that it's a good idea to update the
desktop installer slideshows early (and now is a great time to do
that!), and often. I will try to track down a new "mascot" image for
17.10 right away.

I would like to suggest we also collectively attempt to stick to a
"stricter" schedule for slideshow updates.