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Problem with new repository

I've issued a fedrepo-req for phd2 package.

fedora-review issues

Is anyone having problems with the output of fedora-review?

I've done two reviews [1] with a lot of false positives:

* I get a notice of header files must be in -devel subpackage because
fedora-review considers header files in -debugsource subpackage to
be wrong
* I get a long list of directories owned by other packages
* The rpmlint output of installed packages seems to be unable to open
URLs (and I also get a "sh: /usr/bin/python: No such file or directory")

I found no open bugs on pagure for those issues, am I the only one who
see them?



kpmcore soname bump

I've updated kpmcore in Rawhide to 3.2.0, soname has been bumped to
version 6.

I'm taking care of rebuilding the two dependent packages
(kde-partitionmanager and calamares).


libkpmcore soname bump

I plan to update kpmcore in the weekend, so there will be a soname bump

I will take care of rebuilding affected packages I'm aware of
(kde-partitionmanager and calamares).


Precision problem due to GCC7?

<a href="" title=""></a>

I'm getting ctest failure only on F26 (and rawhide) i386, while on F25
all it's working fine.
Can a precision problem be introduced in Eigen3 with the passage from
GCC6 to GCC7?
Is it possible to set up a F26 mock chroot using GCC6 instead of GCC7?


Finding conflicts in /usr/bin

After a recent bug report I've received [1] I thought to conduct a
survey on all packages available in Fedora to find conflicts between
binary names under /usr/bin but I don't know how exactly do that.