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libkpmcore soname bump

I plan to update kpmcore in the weekend, so there will be a soname bump

I will take care of rebuilding affected packages I'm aware of
(kde-partitionmanager and calamares).


Precision problem due to GCC7?

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I'm getting ctest failure only on F26 (and rawhide) i386, while on F25
all it's working fine.
Can a precision problem be introduced in Eigen3 with the passage from
GCC6 to GCC7?
Is it possible to set up a F26 mock chroot using GCC6 instead of GCC7?


Finding conflicts in /usr/bin

After a recent bug report I've received [1] I thought to conduct a
survey on all packages available in Fedora to find conflicts between
binary names under /usr/bin but I don't know how exactly do that.