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Adopting modem-manager-gui

I see that modem-manager-gui has been orphaned recently. I took a look at the package and didn't see any build failures, so this seems just a case of the packager dropping the pkg. I've managed to built it locally and have a scratch koji build, without any problems. As such, I'm willing to adopt the package.

Even though upstream seems to be no longer maintaining the software, it works okay (at least on my machine).

find-debuginfo fails for fpc-compiled software on i686 and armv7hl

I maintain a package written in Pascal, which uses fpc for compiling. I noticed that recently, koji builds started failing on i686 and armv7hl due to the find-debuginfo script failing to, well, extract the debuginfo.

Here's a link to a failed koji build (mass-rebuild by releng):
<a href="" title=""></a>

On x86_64 and ppc64, the package builds fine.

Outdated %fpc_arches macro?

Hello. I was trying to package some software written in Pascal, which means using the Free Pascal Compiler for building. FPC isn't available for all architectures that Fedora supports, so it was necessary to use the ExclusiveArch tag. I navigated to fpc in PkgDB, opened the spec file and copy-pasted the following line:
"ExclusiveArch: %{arm} %{ix86} x86_64 ppc ppc64"

Copy-pasting is a bit iffy, so I wondered if there's a better solution.

Self introduction: Artur Iwicki

Good day, everyone.

My name is Artur Iwicki. I am a hobbyist game developer (going by the nickname "suve")
and I would like to bring some of my works to the official repositories.