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CI Version number change

I noticed that our version numbers mean we can't reliable upgrade the foundation

1.0+git20160201+15.10 can't be upgraded to 1.0+git20160101+16.04
because the build for the newer foundation happens to be a bit older.

So I changed it to 1.0+p15.10+git20160201 which can be upgraded to

The p stands for platform.

This will affect new builds of software built from version control on
our CI deployments.

Let me know of any problems


5.7 Kickoff Meeting Minutes

We met and discussed Plasma 5.7

** Agree to move Todo list to Phabricator
Now at <a href="" title=""></a>

** Schedule for 5.7 beta 16 June (d_ed to lead), 5.7.0 tag on Thu 30th
June, 5.7.0 release Tue 5th July
<a href="" title=""></a>
<a href=";ctz=Europe/London" title=";ctz=Europe/London"></a>

** jensreu, Sho_, bshah to lead 5.7 beta test day on Sunday 19th
June/Mon 20th June

** colomar and jensreu working on Plasma vision, to be discussed at
future Monday meeting

Then we reviewed existing

old images

Is there any problem if I tidy up <a href="" title=""></a> by
removing the old kubuntu ci snapshot and the kubuntu-plasma5 image


zanshin 0.3

There's a request for Zanshin 0.3 packages incase anyone is interested
in helping

<a href="" title=""></a>



forwarding from irc because sgclark is away this week

<bshah> sgclark: your recent commit to kdeplasma-addons added git markers
<bshah> (debian packaging)
<bshah> bshah@archbox ..ea-tooling/git/plasma/kdeplasma-addons
(git)-[kubuntu_unstable] % git grep HEAD
<bshah> debian/control:<<<<<<< HEAD
<bshah> debian/plasma-widgets-addons.install:<<<<<<< HEAD

kde-build-metadata for beta branches

I've branched Plasma for the 5.5 beta and will make a final release in
a couple of weeks. Before I make the final release I want to check in if it has any complaints in builds of the Plasma/5.5
branch. But currently uses kde-build-metadata points
only to master and to current stable which is Plasma/5.4.

Can I change kde-build-metadata to Plasma/5.5 while the branch is in
stable or will that mess up other uses of kde-build-metadata?


Muon in need of a maintainer

Muon, the Apt package installer UI is in need of a maintainer. It has
been split out from Discover and Updater which are application focused
and to some extent work with multiple backends. Muon is package
focused and covers the surprisingly important use case of technical
users who care about libraries and package versions but don't want to
use a command line. It'll probably move to unmaintained unless anyone
wants to keep an eye on it so speak up now if you want to help out.



All welcome

<a href="" title=""></a>


Standing down as release manager

With 15.10 successfully released I'm standing down as release manager
of Kubuntu.

Making Kubuntu over the last 10 years has been a fantastic journey.
Even since I first heard about a spaceman making a Linux distro using
Debian but faster release cycles I've known this would be something
important and wanted KDE to be part of it.

Standing down as release manager for Kubuntu

With 15.10 successfully released I'm standing down as release manager
of Kubuntu.

Making Kubuntu over the last 10 years has been a fantastic journey.
Even since I first heard about a spaceman making a Linux distro using
Debian but faster release cycles I've known this would be something
important and wanted KDE to be part of it.

wily release candidates testing needed

release is due tomorrow, we have images that need testing, all help appreciated

<a href="" title=""></a>


plasma-sdk in kdereview

Plasma SDK contains a few handy developers tools for Plasma

plasmathemeexplorer, plasmoidviewer, plasmaengineexplorer and the icon
browser cuttlefish

It gets released with Plasma but is still in extragear. I'd like to
move it to kde/workspace in git and I've just asked for it to be moved
into kdereview to start that. Please have a review of it and see if
it's good enough.


Fwd: Please package Akonadi 1.13 with bugfix for 14.04 LTS backports

----- Forwarded message from Stephan Diestelhorst <stephan. ... at gmail dot com> -----

Reply-To: Stephan Diestelhorst <stephan. ... at gmail dot com>
Sender: <a href="mailto: ... at canonical dot com"> ... at canonical dot com</a>

Hi there,

I am a very happy user of the Kubuntu Backports PPA, but have recently
been bitten by this bug here:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Is there any chance you guys could please pack

ubiquity update

harald's ubiquity patch has left it looking all good but if you
manually resize the window it does remove the text of the current
step, and the german text is still a bit cut off

<a href="" title=""></a>


Fwd: Switched to Kubuntu 15.04 - Amazing - Never going back

This made me happy this morning

----- Forwarded message from Bhavin Prajapati <bhavin.k. ... at gmail dot com> -----

Hi there,

I just wanted to personally tell you how impressed I am with this distro! I've
been looking for a lightweight distro for my desktop pc, it's 10 years old. I
decided to give Kubuntu a try and my word, this thing runs.

qa server moved

I've moved the qa server from hosteurope, where a nice person donated
it for the first year but we've been paying since then and it costs
14euro a month, to scaleway, my new favourite cloud hosters who have
quad arm machines for 3euro a month. If you use this server for
anything please check your new account works and anything you expect
to host there still works


kwallet-pam for kdereview

This has now moved to kde/workspace and will be released with plasma 5.4


away until monday afternoon

I'm away until monday afternoon

Please keep fixing those applications packages and keep reponsding to
doko's pings about stuff that needs fixed for gcc transition
<a href="" title=""></a>


new applications in pkg-kde git today

picmi - clivejo
kross-interpeters - jriddell
dolphin-plugins - jriddell
baloo-widgets - jriddell
dolphin - jriddell

I've also got marble compiling away in a pbuilder here

There's a bunch of kdepim bits still to do but to compile those needs
the existing kdepim binaries and I don't know if those exist currently
or if we need to compile them ourselves.


kgamma -> kgamma5

Upstream (me) renamed kgamma tar to kgamma5 because it now has a lower
Plasma version number, so I've moved the git repository in debian git
to pkg-kde/plasma/kgamma5


git moves

some changes to pkg-kde git today:

I added kwallet-pam to plasma

I moved kio-extras from plasma to applications

I moved kgamma from applications to plasma

I moved plasma-volume-control from kde-extras to plasma and renamed to plasma-pa

kgamma is due to be released with plasma tomorrow versioned 5.3.95 but
there's already been a 14.12.0 version as part of applications. I can
ask the release manager to rename the tar, any suggestions what to?
kgamma-kf5 for example?


kwallet-pam for kdereview

kwallet-pam is a simple PAM module to open your wallet. We'd like to
ship it in Plasma 5.4. It was previously in a scratch repository but
shipped by distros such as Kubuntu and Fedora. It's about to go into
kdereview and we'd appreciate your considered perusal.

<a href="" title=""></a>


Plasma Applet for Audio Volume for kdereview

plasma-pa is a new volume manager and is intended to be a replacement for KMix in Plasma.

We plan to ship it as a beta in Plasma 5.4 and it's currently in kdereview for your reviewing attention.

<a href="" title=""></a>

Please check over it and consider if it passes review.


KDE Frameworks syncs

Morning artur, I see you synced a bunch of 5.12 KDE Frameworks
packages from Debian into Ubuntu. can you explain your thinking here?
We're building 5.12 in a PPA and going the GCC transition as part of
that, there's not usually any need to sync from Debian because we do a
bulk upload of everything when it's ready. I don't think it'll cause
any problems and I guess you selected somehow which ones to sync? But
problems can't always be predicted.


AppStream and Muon BoF at Akademy 2015

Here's the notes I have for the BoF session today

Harald to make a chunky server for Matthias and an S3 bucket for it to
make ubuntu database of appstream with dep11-generator

Package the output of dep11-generator

PackageKit needs updated in ubuntu

Muon backends: ApplicationBackend currrently uses app-install-data,
PackageKit backend uses appstream

QApt reviews need processing and packed into release before plasma 5.4

Changes for muon are needed, this may need a release out of sync with

away this week

I'm off canoeing for a week, see you a week tomorrow


kamoso kf5 package

kamoso has been ported to kf5. It uses quite a lot of QML which means we have to work out the build depends manaually. If you're running wily please install the package clivejo has made and let us know of any problems.

<a href="" title=""></a>

apt-add-repository ppa:clivejo/wily
apt install kamoso


Kubuntu PPA tidy

I'd like to tidy the PPAs as they're getting messy

I proposed to delete:
Kubuntu Next [obsolete]
Kubuntu Next Backports [obsolete]
Kubuntu Next Stage 1 (DON'T USE) [needs a better name]
Kubuntu Next Stage 2 (DON'T USE) [needs a better name]
Kubuntu Next Stage 0 (DON'T USE) [needs a better name]
Kubuntu Package Staging (DON'T USE) [needs a better name]
Kubuntu 14.10 - Bluez 5 Backports [obsolete?]
Kubuntu 14.10 - Qt 5.4 backports [obsolete?]

I propose to keep:
Kubuntu Backports
Kubuntu Beta Backports
Kubuntu Experimental
Kubuntu Updates

I propose to create:

mostly away for a week

I'm away tomorrow to play some canoe polo and next week I'm away in
Zaragoza where I've been invited to give a talk so I'll probably be
quiet for much of the next week. has
communication methods if you need to get hold of me


Kubuntu Sessions at UOS tomorrow

Remember we have two Kubuntu sessions at UOS tomorrow, a Plasma 5 demo
by our most beautiful members at 18:00UTC

<a href="" title=""></a>

and a meeting to discuss the To Do items an hour later at 19:00UTC

<a href="" title=""></a>