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Hola Harald, ktp packages are stuck on telepathy-logger-qt

the archive has telepathy-logger-qt5 which builds
libtelepathy-logger-qt5-dev but the packages build-dep on

and we presumably want to upgrade to
<a href="" title=""></a>

<a href="" title=""></a>

please advise

Kubuntu Kickoff Meeting

Let's try a UOS session for a kickoff meeting to discuss what items we
want on our todo list for next cycle. Please fill in the doodle poll
to see what we have the most people available. All welcome. Remember
to set the timezone first before you select times.

<a href="" title=""></a>



I've added a kubuntu_unstable branch to kamoso packaging too all ready for
KCI love

There's a package in launchpad ~jr/ppa, comments welcomed


Kubuntu 15.04 is out

Our first release (actually any major distro's) with Plasma 5, try the most
beautiful desktop around.

<a href="" title=""></a>


i386 tests

a couple more tests to complete on i386 if there's a useful person around :)

<a href="" title=""></a>

bug links

17:16 < Riddell> <a href="" title=""></a> updated with better links for
Vivid and Wobbly bugs
17:16 < Riddell> vivid now includes vivid-updates milestone and tagged
17:16 < Riddell> Wobbly now is 15.10 milestone tagged kubuntu

kubuntu website feedback

And here's some feedback from VDG dude Ken

Oh my! It's changed dramatically since I've seen it! It's looking extremely
posh now! I'm quite happy to see how the design has really polished out. I
guess maybe I'll just throw some feedback at'chya - sorry for the
laundry-list, I'm just excited for the design.

kdelibs4 docs move

kdelibs4 docs were in /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/

but frameworks uses /usr/share/doc/HTML/

so we need to change kde4libs to set the docs path to /usr/share/doc/HTML/

I've uploaded kde4libs with this change. Where is kde4libs kept in
revision control these days?

Kubuntu docs

Hello you're on ubuntu-core-docs which is the maintainer and driver of
kubuntu-docs project on launchpad. We're updating the docs now and
want to commit to the branches but none of us have access. Could you
change the maintainer and driver of kubuntu-docs to kubuntu-council ?


nvidia-prime and sddm

We've switched to SDDM in Kubuntu but alas I know nothing about
nvidia. Alberto I think you're the dude who does know?

nvidia-prime is the proprietary driver we need to care about for NVidia users?

Last cycle I put in an alternate so it depended on lightdm | sddm but
that seems to have been removed. Is there more sddm integration


ubuntu-community-team list

I was told of a mailing list that can be used for discussions about the ubuntu community. strangely it's called "ubuntu-community-team" but it's for all the ubuntu community.

<a href="" title=""></a>

I encourage all kubuntu members and those interested to sign up.


sddm not starting after upgrade

Today's update has a nice daily image working well with ubiquity-dm but
seems to fall for a mysterious bug on some upgrades where login manager
sddm does not run if you reboot

<a href="" title=""></a>

you can start it manually by logging in at the linux console and running
systemctl start sddm

and a reinstall of the live cd fixes it

but as yet I've no idea what makes it not start sddm. Any suggestions



removed from archive because the plasma 4 version is broken and plasma 5 version not relesed yet, upstreamed preferred removing it instead of a git snapshot


Fwd: kubuntu_stable merge oh my...

I tried to run applications 14.12.3 tonight and per Jonathans suggestion
add a merge kubuntu_stable merge into the initial upload script. THis
obviously blew up in my face as most of these apps do not have a
kubuntu_stable branch (my guess is only the kf5 ports?) anyway, I was to
attempt a bashy scripty thing to accomplish said task until I failed to
find any list any where of apps that have this branch, nor could I find
a friendly branch view of git for kde-applications. So with my limited
time I had to give up.

kdeconnect (kdelibs4) back for kioslave

I added back the kdelibs4 package of kdeconnect with only the kio slave and
file action files in the .deb. Seems to work well with kdeconnect-plasma
and dolphin 4. Currently building and will land in New queue shortly.


kdeconnect naming

I'm packaging the Plasma 5 version of kdeconnect, I'd like to ask for a FFe
and any testers very welcome
<a href="" title=""></a>
ppa:jr/ppa install kdeconnect-plasma5

Upstream releases the kdelibs4 version as kdeconnect-kde and plans to
release the plasma 5 version as kdeconnect-plasma5. The naming is
inelegant and debian have changed the source and binary to just
kdeconnect. What should I name the plasma 5 version? It does overlap and
replace the kdelibs4 version in various ways but with be released with a
different tar upstream.


kf5 5.7 utopic backports saga

writing the status here before we forget it..

scarlett kindy did the backports of kf5 into utopic using the
kubuntu-ninjas PPA (after some faff failing to get the kubuntu-next/staging
ppa to accept them)
they were copied to kubuntu-ppa/next but then we had reports of them
causing failed upgrades so they were deleted
I tidied up the backport of kglobalaccel which was breaking the upgrades
Now when I try to copy them over to kubuntu-ppa/next it complains there is
already that version of the package in kubuntu-ppa/next even though there
is not

if someone has the energy for it they can bump the

request for some pizzas

I'd like to claim €66 from the ubuntu community fund for some pizzas.
This will be used at the Plasma sprint here in Barcelona to continue
to work effectively late into the night with them as needed for
Kubuntu 15.04.

I've been told I need to request these ahead of time now. This makes
it far more burdensome and less useful.

releaes-upgrader qt5 merge

I've merged and uploaded release-upgrader qt5 port nicely done by Harald.

<a href="" title=""></a>

I had to add in a few missing includes and fix for pep8 to get it happy.

It'll need some further testing as one of the things it does before
upgrading is download a version of itself from the archive to run to
do the actual upgrade which can't easily be tested as far as I know
unless it's in the archive.


stepping back this month

I need to step back from much of the Kubuntu desktop work this month for a
new secret kubuntu related project. This means there will be updates to
KF5, Plasma, Applications and lots more that need to be done and possibly
backported, so helpers needed, do give us a shout if you want to step up.



kio-extras is currently released part of Plasma 5. It's need said
that it would be better to be part of applications because they're
plugins used by applications and typically not by the desktop. With
Plasma 5.2 about to go out shall I ask for kio-extras to be moved and
if so into which module?


testers needed for alpha 2

Please test the install and upgrade

<a href="" title=""></a>
<a href="" title=""></a>


sru in need of love

<a href="" title=""></a>

libxext fills up .xsession-errors log files

sru team seem dead to this


Plasma 5.2 bits for kdereview

Plasma 5.2 is due out next month and there's a few KDE projects which would
be good to be included. Please review these for inclusion in

Bluedevil frameworks branch by David Rosca
<a href="" title=""></a>
<a href="" title=""></a>

User-manager frameworks port (it overlaps a little with account details kcm
but is mostly an admin tool)
<a href="" title=""></a>

kscreen and libkscreen maintained by Dan Vrátil.

Fwd: Kubuntu download page

----- Forwarded message from Alexander Wauck < ... at impulse101 dot org> -----

In speaking with my father recently, I discovered that there is a
usability problem with the Kubuntu download page. Apparently not all
people recognize the download buttons as such and instead click on the
mirror links.

Alpha 1 tests

please help test alpha 1 candidates
<a href="" title=""></a>


New Team, Kubuntu Ninjas Yellow Belt

I made a new team for people who have had some basic training in packaging
in Kubuntu and have shown a desire to get more into it

<a href="" title=""></a>


kget .js files

Hola, I'm packaging kget from KDE Applications 14.12

It has a couple of javascript files in extensions/webinterface/www/ which
are minified and so not free software, could you replace them with the full


Kolab Sys's KDE PIM enterprise and Kubuntu

Kolab Sys have branches of KDE PIM 4.13 used by their customers called

New KDE Frameworks Versions as SRU

I'd like to propose to the tech board to give an update allowance for new
versions of KDE Frameworks. I don't expect this to be the quickest of
discussions so we may as well get started :)

Currently we have a micro release update exception for KDE SC bugfix

KDE Frameworks has no bugfix releases because upstream decided they didn't
have the resources to make them. Instead they have new releases every
month with both bugfixes and new features. However these are libraries so
applications will be using the existing ABI and that ABI (the symbols) is
not allowed to change.