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Munich Sprint

Some of us are going to a sprint in Munich tomorrow

<a href="" title=""></a>

We're due to be at the LiMux office at 18:00 for tea. I'm arriving at
Munich MUC airport at 13:45 along with Harald. Rohan is getting there
early in the day. If you'd like to go for an afternoon drink of something
German then do get in touch. My phone number is +34 664 141 278 or maybe
+447941938912 depending on which of my SIMs works better.

Hasta mañana.


Kubuntu 15.04

Well done on a great job on Kubuntu 14.10 everyone, doing two flavours
of Kubuntu is quite a feat and I think we pulled it off well.

Time to look at 15.04, Vivid.

The big decision is whether to switch to Plasma 5. My opinion is that
the stability is pleasingly good and there's only a few missing
features so we go for it and help out getting those missing features

kdevelop 4.7 backport

incase anyone wants to take it up

17:54 < kfunk> is there no backport of kdevelop 4.7 planned for 14.04?
17:55 < kfunk> users keep me asking of a 4.7 package for the LTS release

Fwd: Season of KDE proposal

We have someone to help out on the new website :)

----- Forwarded message from Subhajit Mukherjee < ... at gmail dot com> -----

Hi Jonathan,
I wish to design a new theme for the webpage and give the site a new look.
I also want make the website Google friendly and search engine optimized.
I have already started with measuring the traffic on the webpage and wish
to ensure that the site can work under load.
I also will import the data from

Fwd: I found a small bug into Kubuntu 14.04

----- Forwarded message from Сергей Тихий < ... at gmail dot com> -----

Dear programers, i found one small bug and I do not know where to report
it. Description of bug: ifA change the English keyboard layout for the
language of native language at boot operating system, then lost commands
"ctrl + C", "ctrl + V" and etc. Sorry for broken english.

muon notes

I compiled Qt 5 muon today

This needs packagekit from debian (which might needs to be merged rather
than synced as harald said in an earlier post) and packagekit-qt latest
version compiled for qt5 (debian has latest version but only for qt4).

qca also needs compiled from kde git for qt5 possibly adding in this patch
to make it set the right paths for qmake to pick up
<a href="" title=""></a>
remember to remove your qt4 install of qca else muon will try to load that
version and it won't be happy

qoauth then needs compiled for qt5 but it uses qmake and doesn't get the

Packagers: Qt 5.4 backport]

I looked at this briefly, the patch doesn't apply to our package which
is still at Qt 5.3 and looks non-trivial to make it apply.

Set the default IO scheduler to CFQ in Kubuntu Trusty

Me and Rohan would like a second opinion on bug 1378789
[SRU] Set the default IO scheduler to CFQ in Kubuntu Trusty
<a href="" title=""></a>

The kernel team have changed the scheduler away from upstream Linux
defaults to deadlock which causes our desktop indexing programme Baloo
to run very slow and take up lots of resources because it doesn't
implement ionice suport. We'd like to update kubuntu-settings with a
udev rule to change back to CFQ.

We've changed this in utopic. There's minimal chance of regressions,
it's an upstream default recommended by Linux and Baloo.

Community Council Catchup

We're scheduled for a meeting with the community council tomorrow at
17:00UTC (or 8 en la tarde as we say in Spanish).

Kubuntu Frameworks Packaging now in Git

I've put all the Kubuntu frameworks packaging into alioth git now

<a href="" title=""></a>

I still need to update pkg-kde-tools which has enough Kubuntu specific
bits to merit a Kubuntu branch. And Plasma packages are next to be
imported. Changelogs are just the Kubuntu one next and I hope to work
with someone from Debian to work out what needs done to keep them all


Kubuntu Day Notes

Thanks all for coming

Moving launchpad bzr packaging to debian alioth git
-kubuntu people to sign up to alioth
-have separate branches, master for debian and kubuntu/utopic for
kubuntu etc with master being where changes are made
-kubuntu-automation scripts to be adapted to automatically merge from
master before upload
-go back to using branches for SRUs in kubuntu
- start with frameworks
- look at maxy's super scripts to see if we can use them

How to know when Plasma 5 is ready and how to make sure it really is
- s

Kubuntu Plasma5 smoketest

Beta 1 this week so I gave the Kubuntu Plasma 5 ISO a quick test.
Good news is it runs and installs successfully. Well done on Rohan
and others for getting it all together.

smokeqt in utopic

smokeqt doesn't compile in utopic, meh

The issue seems to be related to the change to GCC 4.9 but it's not enough to just export CC=/usr/bin/gcc-4.8

There seem to be two separate compile errors which occur in the same compile command.

When changing versions of gcc it's not enough just to run the immediately failing gcc command to fix it, I suspect that the error happens when smokegen is run and then shows itself when compiling with g++

This error:

/home/jr/src/smokeqt/smokeqt-4.14.0/build/qtcore/smokedata.cpp:12:32: was not declared in this scopeExtensionOptionerror:

is fixed by setti

Review Request 119843: use standard method to set versions in Plasma packages. also set versions for tools for good measure

Review request for Baloo.

Repository: baloo

use standard method to set versions in Plasma packages.

kopete symbols

We're some missing symbols in libkopete in 4.14 beta


Either they should be put back or the API bumped, which is better?



accepting binary but please fix symbols

E: libkf5itemmodels5: symbols-file-contains-current-version-with-debian-revision on symbol _ZSt4swapI19QItemSelectionRangeEvRT_S2_@Base



accepting this into the archive but please fix this issue with binary packages:

E: libkf5itemviews5: symbols-file-contains-current-version-with-debian-revision on symbol _ZSt4swapIN16KCategorizedView7Private5BlockEEvRT_S4_@Base


Munich Sprint Fri Nov. 21 - Sun Nov 23

The nice people at LiMux have offered us a sprint again in this office and
I think it would be a good opportunity to get together with Debian KDE
packagers and see if we can move to using their Git repository. KDE PIM
will probably also be there

If you are able to come please add yourself to
<a href="" title=""></a>

Apply to the community fund for travel and accommodation
<a href="" title=""></a>

I used this hotel last time
<a href="" title=""></a>


rejecting kcoreaddons

I'm rejecting kcoreaddons, the copyright file is not quite complete.

files in autotest is GPL

it lists everything as LGPL-2.0+ but some is 2.0 only and some is 2.1+


baloo kf5 by default

New trello item <a href="" title=""></a>

Upstream advises using baloo kf5 version even with Plasma 4 and KDE SC 4 Software as it has fewer bugs and is faster, consider if we should do this

- check it upgrades
- check it works with kdelibs4 and kf5 software
- check size of image
- rename baloo 4 sources

comments welcome


Oxygen Fonts kdereview remove

Plasma 5 is going to default on Oxygen Fonts so we need Oxygen Fonts to move to kde/workspace.

It's currently in kdereview and I am using the release-0.4 branch.

Please have a look and review.


LiMux Sprint

The nice people at LiMux have asked if we want another sprint in Munich.
The last one was very successful however this year it's a bit closer to
Akademy so it might be less useful.

I've put the dates available on this Doodle poll, if you might be able to
come please fill in dates you are available. (It only lists the Saturday
but the sprint is fri evening/sat/sun).

<a href="" title=""></a>


social media foo

The nice people down the corridor for me have set me up with an account on their social media management wheejum (technical term) that can manage several accounts in one place.

Fwd: Suggestion

----- Forwarded message from Martin Tlustos <martin. ... at gmail dot com> -----

Hi Jonathan,

just a short suggestion for a good backup program for Kubuntu:

<a href="" title=""></a>

I found it by luck, installed it and it works better than any other backup
system on kde I tried so far. If it could be included in the Kubuntu
repositories, that would be great.



Scarlett Membership

Following a meeting of the Kubuntu council a unanimous vote has agreed to
welcome Scarlett Clark into membersfip of Kubuntu and the wider Ubuntu
family. Her packaging and other contributions over the last six months
have been incredible. Welcome along Scarlett!


meeting recording

More exciting than any podcast, it's the meeting from yesterday!

<a href="" title=""></a>


Kickoff meeting today

From my blog...

A new cycle and lots of interesting possibilities! Will KF5 and
Plasma 5 be supreme?

Re: Fwd: Donated webserver for Kubuntu Docs

The server is due for renewal. I think it costs 15€ a month. Is the Kubuntu Council ok to pay for another year?


----- Forwarded message from Takó Kornél < ... at neomobil dot hu> -----

Dear Jonathan!
Please take care that my contract with hosteurope running out at
TakA^3 KornA(c)l
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What's the status of U-series? Is all of Ubuntu development really blocking on not having a codename?


Fwd: [kde-community] LinuxTag 2014]

Anyone want to help out at LinuxTag and add some Kubuntu presense to the KDE stand?


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