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Time to test!

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A new build of Kubuntu Desktop i386 is ready for testing!
Version: 20140415
<a href="" title=""></a>

- Install (OEM setup)
- Live Session

Build notes:

< 1 week to go

6 days to go until the release

Please do test the install and especially the upgrade from 12.04LTS and 13.10.

As in some previous years I've a badly timed canoeing conference which is taking me offline for the weekend so keep testing.

Check also the trusty milestoned bugs link <a href="" title=""></a>
I'd be especially interested if that lightdm bug from 12.04LTS upgrade can be recreated.

4.13 went in last night, needs poking until it comes out the build servers then testing testing testing!


Review Request 117095: rename kdebugdialog to kdebugdialog5 for coinstallability

Review request for KDE Runtime and Aleix Pol Gonzalez.

Repository: kde-runtime

rename kdebugdialog to kdebugdialog5 for coinstallability.

Review Request 117093: remove obsolete kconfig_update file

Review request for KDE Runtime and Aleix Pol Gonzalez.

Repository: kde-runtime

remove kconf_update file which handles settings from kdelibs4 land.

Review Request 116956: rename kglobalaccel to kglobalaccel5 for co-installability

Review request for KDE Runtime, Plasma and Martin Gräßlin.

Repository: kde-runtime

kde-runtime will soon get an alpha release. Because both KF5 and kdelibs4 applications should be able to be installed and run it should be co-installable with kde-runtime from KDE 4 times.

Re: Fwd: PPA access cancelled for Private PPA for Kubuntu Ninjas

Found the culprit for the mass unsubscription of kubuntu-ninjas PPA today.

Fwd [ubuntu-release] Re: LTS status for Ubuntu flavours]

Time to commit to LTS. 5 years?


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Apparently I can't type...

amz downloader

If you buy music from Amazon you get an obfuscated .amz file which can't be
easily used to download anything. Fortunately Amarok comes with a built in
amzdownloader to fix that. But it's hidden=true by default so you can only
use it from within Amarok. Should we make it displayed in the application


forthcoming dates

For those who sometimes find the calendar slipping away without notice
here's some upcoming important dates for 14.04...

Next Thursday feature freeze
feb 27th 14.04 beta 1
kubuntu qa feb deadlines: review ubiquity slideshow, l10n reivew, iso
Wednesdays in march are 4.13...
March 5th SC 4.13 beta 1
March 12th SC 4.13 beta 2
March 19th SC 4.13 beta 3
March 26th SC 4.13 rc
March 27th trusty beta 2
April 9th SC 4.13 tag
April 17th 14.04 release!


Review Request 115486: use renamed dbus interface files from kinit

Review request for kde-workspace and Alex Merry.

Repository: kde-workspace

use renamed dbus interface files from kinit.

BurningIsoHowto replacement

We link to <a href="" title=""></a> for how
to burn the ISO but I think it's not great. For a start I've not
burnt an ISO in years, it's all USB disks now. No mention of
unetbootin in Windows. No mention of how to get your firmware to
start from a DVD/USB.

Docs people could it be written up for Kubuntu and added to
<a href="" title=""></a> ?


Review Request 115188: rename dbus interface file for kjobview

Review request for kde-workspace.

Repository: kde-workspace

to complement <a href="" title=""></a> rename the installed file for kjobview.

Review Request 115079: don't install dbus interface files in kglobalaccel

Review request for kde-workspace and Martin Gräßlin.

Repository: kde-workspace

to go with <a href="" title=""></a> use local dbus interface files


Diff: <a href="" title=""></a>



Jonathan Riddell

Review Request 115056: rename knotifications StatusNotifierItem dbus interface in kde-workspace

Review request for kde-workspace and Martin Klapetek.

Repository: kde-workspace

Rename the knotifications StatusNotifier dbus interface.

KF5 manpages

kjs and kconfig_compiler manpages have been removed to allow these
libraries to be in tier1 not tier2. I did warn ervin to watch out for
copies of Debian Policy being thrown at him.

<a href="" title=""></a>


KF5 paths

Default file install paths get set in extra-cmake-modules for KF5.

KDE SC 4.13

SC 4.13 is now scheduled

<a href="" title=""></a>
<a href="" title=""></a>

The magic date is
Wednesday, April 16, 2014: KDE SC 4.13 Release

That's going to be tight with a release of Trusty on April 17th
<a href="" title=""></a>

we could sneak it in the week before when we get the tars (I might
have been guity of this in the past) but I think realistically we have
to go with shipping 4.12 and having 4.12 in the updates PPA.


KDE Frameworks 5 packaging

KDE Frameworks 5 was released today, the next generation of kdelibs, all split up into 59 little libraries all needing packaging.

I've started packaging them and putting them into kubuntu-ppa/experimental

I'm keeping note here <a href="" title=""></a>

I'll probably try to remove any overlapping files and send them
upstream, there's lots of grumblings from packagers on other distros
that -dev packages shouldn't conflict.

If you're wondering what would be a good way to help Kubuntu, KDE and
get into packaging, this is it :) Lots to be done.

please test KDE SC 4.11.3 in saucy

testers needed for 4.11.3 in saucy

<a href="" title=""></a>



Jussi said he'd like to get some Kubuntu stickers made up and send
them out to anyone with a good excuse to use them. Since there are
enough Kubuntu council members here we agreed to give him a budget of
€300 to do this.


systemd, logind, upstart, wayland, weston chat at Munich BSP

We chatted a bit about this topics at Munich BSP

without Mir or Plasma 2 to worry about in this cycle there's no immediate
issues but we need to keep an eye on them

cgroups (control groups) is a feature of Linux to limit, account and
isolate resource usage (CPU, memory, disk I/O, etc.) of process groups.
this is used in logind to get the system compositor without privilages
which is needed by kwin. so kwin will probably need an init system with
cgroup support.