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I've updated felix's script and put it on the kubuntu server

<a href="" title=""></a>

code is in
including the package list in kubuntu-buildstatus-packages.txt

plenty things to fix for willing volunteers :)


Uploading upstart tomorrow, turning on user sessions for everyone

I've not found any problems with adding /etc/upstart-xsessions with with kde-plasma but more testers would be good

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I talked to every one of you independently a while back about enabling
Upstart user sessions for the desktop environment used in your f

Fwd: Dependancies of kubuntu-precise

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Fwd: PPC

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Hi Jonathan,
the ppc kernel / release team issued the revised kernel for 13.10
yesterday. The first test with desktop system (liveCD and install) has
come back as working with the usual graphic card tweaks. If kubuntu wish
to have a ppc release, it should be safe to announce its existence to your
PPC testers.


Alex asked me to review user manager today as he thinks it's ready for use
but isn't tested on Kubuntu. Here's some notes. I didn't find any bugs but
I think not being able to set a password for a new user without going back
into that user settings is a user bug and I'm unsure about which groups a
user should be in for administration mode.

type into the email address field and the red X icon appears causing all
other widgets to move location
the red X appears on valid e-mail addresses with long TLDs like
... at scottish dot museum
where is the e-mail address saved anyway? launched

first rough copy of kubuntu docs now on
<a href="" title=""></a>

still to do is sort out the various bits of wiki market that haven't been converted properly
I used python-creoleparser but couldn't work out why it's not converting bits of wiki markup like images

and package it for the install

and translations

and more docs :)

all help welcome


Re: kubuntu-bugs team

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I've discovered that I can subscribe teams which I am not a member of to
packages in Launchpad.

user manager testing

I tested out user manager today and found it to be just what we want but with a few issues that mean it's not ready yet

-change password button doesn't work
-change user icon button doesn't work
-user consolekit?

release schedule BoF

Albert Astals Cid:
idea is to shorten release
we have now lots of freezes and a branch
alex wants something shorter, suggested 3 months between release with only 1 month of freezes
put all freezes together on same date, release beta 1, in two weeks RC 1, in 2 weeks more release
Frank from Dolphin says cool
Lauren from KMail says no, too hard to use feature branches synchronise kdepim-libs -runtime
marketing harder
aurelien said +1
scottK said prefer if we first made sure master could be always stable before trying shorter release cycle
rekonq man said w


some packages can go in ubuntu, some obsolete, some can't be hosted as non-free, only thing we care about is libdvdcss
funman updating package
kubuntu to find out about managing gpg keys for archive
get ftp access for archive
update for new archive
investigate easier ways of adding repo to sources.list

KDS other bits

remove kscreensaverrc - not used any more

remove kubuntu-ppa/staging
create kubuntu-ppa/backports-proposed
upload to -proposed,copy over once built to prevert archive skew

<a href="" title=""></a>
set up on kubuntu docs server
download the new version and attempt to build?
update package list from package set

add nepomuk-core-ffmpegextractor to kubuntu-notification-thing for dolphin?
split kipi-plugins and add rest to kubuntu-notification-thing for gwenview etc?


KDS 3 month release notes

3 month release
- kubuntu prefers 6 monthly releases cos
better bug fix releases
better security support

but 3 monthly release not a big problem, many lts users don't use bugfix releases anyway
.0 might be higher quality?
consider longer waits between bugfix releases - 4.12.3 April 2014, 4.13.3 in July

KDS - munich

15,000 users using kde (3)
will probably use kde 4.11 in ~1.5 years
using lts releases applying packages/patches and pre-configure
using kiosk profile
in 4.11 -depend on lts backport stack hardcode (X/linux/mesa)
<a href="mailto: ... at muenchen dot de"> ... at muenchen dot de</a>

docs notes
install: start from download & make usb key
basic: don't use terms like kickoff (not UI terms)
installation: change for muon discover
Repositories: talk about software-properties-kde
basic: add sound section (link to userbase for volume)
basic: also cover installing flash/mp3
sysadmin request: get forward to
applications: krita is on images not just repositories
add button to kubuntu forum
get involved: fix link to chat clients
get involved: typo join #kubuntu'
get invovled: link to freenode web chat
get involved: link to picture of d

Kubuntu Developer Summit

We will be having a Kubuntu day at Akademy tomorrow. If you are at
Akademy do join us (even if only for a few minutes) to discuss your
experiences, annoying bugs and feature requests.

If you're not you can join us on mumble, we expect to have it running 10:00 to 17:00 tomorrow server
or in #kubuntu-devel on freenode

add notes and things to discuss at
<a href="" title=""></a>


13.10 milestoned bugs

if you have something we should care about for 13.10 milestone it to 13.10 and tag it kubuntu

13.10 milestoned bugs tagged kubuntu: <a href="" title=""></a>


Re: Kubuntu Docs

On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 10:22:46AM -0400, Aaron Honeycutt wrote:
Awesomeness :)

I think the options are:
1) persuade Canonical Sysadmin to set it up
2) somehow put it on the current Kubuntu web site
3) persuade Kubuntu Council to fund a web server
4) fine a nice reliable donated web server
5) use Amazon EC2

2 is probably best for ease/cost balance


non-Unity flavours and Mir

Dear flavour people, the switch to Mir in Ubuntu seems pretty risky for the
existance of Kubuntu, I wonder if other flavours have the same probable
problem. Is it worth having a vUDS session about it? Or if that's too
late a discussion over e-mail?

KWin dev has opinions on the subject
<a href="" title=""></a>


uefi notes

We looked at the sony vaio kubuntu council bought to play with uefi today. results are disappointing.

<a href="" title=""></a>


Kubuntu Developer Summit @ Akademy

Since there's no UDS we have a room booked at Akademy to spend the day discussing things in Kubuntu

<a href="" title=""></a>

Would be good to have as many Kubuntu people there as possible.

The Kubuntu Council has funds if you need sponsorship for travel, don't be afraid to ask.



anyone got an nvidia graphics card? testers needed for a raring SRU



vUDS is next week, what do we want to do at it for Kubuntu?

I think sessions on LTS hardware enablement backporting and UEFI
support would be good conversations to have with knowledgeable people
in Foundations. Any others?

Should we have a Kubuntu mumble call to discuss plans for 13.10?


merges and 4.10.3

Time to merge! Debian is unfrozen and they have much of 4.10.2 in

Kubuntu Support

<a href="" title=""></a>


saucy merges

Looks like Debian has updated many of the kde packages this cycle, in experimental mostly for now.

So a big task of merging and more merging.

I've set up a Trello board <a href="" title=""></a>

Let's get merged!



I'm removing kvkbd from the seeds, it's unmaintained and there's a plasma applet which does the same thing. Let me know if you disagree.


Kubuntu Translations for 13.04

I've updated our wiki page with information how what needs done for kubuntu translations forr the 13.04 release
<a href="" title=""></a>

For almost everything we use upstream KDE translations so keep
translating there. There's a few apps which are specific to kubuntu
like the installer and we have a .pot file with any patched strings in
it and these need translated in Launchpad.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Harald does kdelibs needs patched to actually use the kubuntu-patched-l10n.pot translation?



Hi Howard, looking at the Nootka package it's missing Fftw3 and has an
unused build-dep on qtmultimedia5-dev (it's a qt 4 programme, qt4's
qtmultimedia comes in with qtmobility). are you able to fix those or
should someone else take over?


Beta 1 testing

Beta 1 testing needed now!
<a href="" title=""></a>

Anyone want to do the release info page?


trip to England

A further funding request for the Kubuntu council to consider, I'd like a train and hostel/hotel bed to visit withsupport, the company Emerge have done a deal with to do commercial support of Kubuntu. Should be < £200.