Postings by Nate Graham

Dolphin: Updating the item model after KIO::CopyJob

I'm working on a change to Dolphin that involves using a KIO::CopyJob to
copy files. It works fine so far, but when I query the KFileItemModel to
get the index of the new file(s) so I can update the selection, I get
back an index of -1. It looks like the item model isn't automatically
updatyed after the copy job. I think I have to do something special to
get the KFileItemModel to see the new files, but what?

Nathaniel Graham

Tab handling shortcuts across KDE applications

Hello everyone,
I'd like to try to drive a resolution for
<a href="" title=""></a>, which is about harmonizing
tab handling shortcuts across KDE applications.

In order to move forward on this, we'll need to discuss what shortcuts
we should standardize on. In the time since the bug was written in 2004,
a rough standard has emerged: ctrl+tab/ctrl+shift+tab and
ctrl+pgup/ctrl+pgdn. This is used across all major web browsers as well
as all GNOME software.

If we can agree on that, I'll start working on individual apps to get
their defaults changed.


Ubiquity not enabling hibernation in 17.04

Hello all,
I've recently installed Kubuntu 17.04 on a bunch of machines and noticed
that they all got 2 GB swap files (smaller than their RAM) and
hibernation wasn't enabled.

I filed a bug
(<a href="" title=""></a>) and
was told that not enabling hibernation by default was intentional.

Is there any chance we can revisit that decision? Hibernation is a
useful alternative to suspending, especially given the modern focus on
long laptop battery life.


Bugzilla maintenance work

Hello everyone!

In my past life, I've done a lot of issue tracker and bug management
work, and I'd like to do the same for the KDE bugzilla, where there are
a lot of bugs that are duplicates, untriaged, etc. How can I go about
getting permission to do things like change bug statuses? For example,
I'd like to:

- Mark <a href="" title=""></a> as a duplicate of
<a href="" title=""></a>.

- Confirm <a href="" title=""></a>

- Pass back <a href="" title=""></a> with NEEDINFO



5.10 regression with media playback keys

Howdy all,
I've found a significant regression in Plasma 5.10: after locking and
unlocking the screen, hardware media playback keys no longer work. I
suspect it's related to the (much appreciated) work to add media
playback controls to the lock screen.

I've filed <a href="" title=""></a>


Trouble setting up my KDE development environment

Howdy all! I'm trying to set up a KDE development environment on my
openSUSE Tumbleweed machine to submit a patch for
<a href="" title=""></a>, following the instructions
at <a href="" title=""></a>

I've gotten to the point where I'm able to run `kdesrc-build
kinfocenter`. But the build is repeatedly failing with missing packages.
I figure out which package is missing and try again, and then a
different one is missing.