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Basic question...

All, sorry for posting a basic question…

I’ve got an old box running as my mail server.
I want to bring up Postfix on my new box and not only have it as my secondary MX server, I’ like to have my mail from the first server replicated to the second server.

What’s the best/easiest way to do this?

Its for my SOHO, so its a basic set up.



weird error w procmail and spamassassin

I’m configuring a new mail server and I’ve set up postfix to call procmail which then calls spam assassin.

The problem is that spam assassin doesn’t seem to be getting hit.

I looked at the logs and I see postfix making a call to procmail but then nothing happens.

What am I missing?

What should I look for and how can I debug this further?


PS. This is set up the same way I have it on an earlier postfix/dovecot mail server on a different server.

Sending mail to two streams...


I am curious about being able to send email to both Dovecot for the end user’s mail box and then also on to a stream where one can do some analytics?
Or chain the streams so that you can do analytics on both in-bound and out-bound and then deliver it?

I know that it can be done (theoretically) but I’m not a guru on Postfix so I’m at a loss as to where to begin doing research.

Any pointers?



What am I missing?

I have two mail servers.
One is an older release of Postfix and I’m building a replacement for that server.

I did a test where I sent the same message to both servers.

In /etc/var/maillog on the one server, when the incoming message is being delivered, I see the hostname connect.
On the new server, I see unknown connected.

Both have DNS set up the same.

So what is happening during the initial connection? Why is one able to capture the hostname, and the other is not?
Where should I be looking in the logs or services to be running? Or ports to be open on my firewall?

How does Postfix validate IP of sender on incoming messages?

I’m trying to debug my new mail server…

I’m testing with incoming messages from an external account and while my old mail server can correctly identify the IP address of the host, my new server doesn’t.

I checked the inbound IP address with both dig -x and nslookup.

In both cases both servers have their own DNS server on the box, however they point upstream to my ISP so they are using the same DNS server.
So I know that the ip address is valid and the dns lookup shows the same thing. But new box isn’t able to figure out the hostname.

So how do I debug what I did wrong on my new box?

Working thru some issues in configuring my postfix setup

I’m working thru some issues on my new server setup.

I wanted to set up some virtual user mailboxes so I don’t have to create actual accounts but add them to the mySQL (MariaDB) database.

I am having an issue with the following :
postfix/trivial-rewrite[8120]: warning: do not list domain<> in BOTH mydestination and virtual_mailbox_domains

Not sure why this is happening.

Need help with TLS keys...

Here’s my setup.:
Postfix 2.10.1 - Centos
MariaDB (MySQL)

I’m setting up a new box and I’ve got a couple of errors…

The first one I’m trying to clean up is the following:
warning: cannot get RSA certificate from file /etc/pki/dovecot/mailCert.pem: disabling TLS support

The first time I tried this was to set up the cert and key (private) in to two different files and then place them in the /etc/pki/dovecot/certs and ../private folders.