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CentOS 6.4 apparent rpm problem

Well, after three days of beating my head against my desk, I'm waving
the white flag.  I've got a CentOS 6.4 box (yeah, I know) that I blew
away the OpenLDAP client and installed the freeipa-client as we're
transitioning off this terrible OpenLDAP implementation here. 
Everything installed fine, and while I'm still tweaking the ansible
playbook for completely flushing PAM and OpenLDAP stuff off the box (we
have more than 100 other C6 boxes to migrate), everything works fine
with logging in using our IPA credentials.

The only thing that /doesn't/ work is sudo.


I can't seem to find anything clear on this, but is the C7 version of
BIND 9.9 built with Request Rate Limiting?

chkconfig madness CentOS 7

I have a couple of in use C7 boxes that were built with ntsysv and
chkconfig for some old packages that needed to start using init.d. (The
person setting these up didn't know about systemd creating service files
for older packages, so we're stuck with these as-is.

ntsysv and chkconfig update error

We have a couple of CentOS 7 boxes that were built before I was hired to
clean up the kickstart script used for C7 boxes. We had a couple of rpm
packages that were pre-C7 that were used and setup the old SysV Init way
using ntsysv and chkconfig on these boxes. (I finally fixed that in the
newer scripts.) These are out in the field and I'm having to deal with
them as they are.

C7 ansible 2.3 become_method: su not working

I just don't know what else to try. I've beat my head on this for 3 days
now and it's becoming obvious that either Ansible 2.3 is a complete
disaster, or the CentOS 7 package is a complete cluster. Here's my
problem. I am working on getting an ansible server to manage about 100
or so CentOS 6 servers. All have an unprivileged user account setup (up
to 3 years before I got here in April) but that user account isn't setup
with sudo access. The way to get to root is 'su'.

I'm not a newbie with Ansible as I used it extensively in my previous
position to manage ~70 or so Ubuntu servers.

CentOS 6 dhcpd custom log issues

Hi all,

I've got an issue with C6's dhcpd custom logging that I cannot figure out.
Hopefully someone has an idea, or has seen a similar issue.