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firefox-55.0.2-2.fc26.x86_64 conflicts with pkgconfig(nspr) >= 4.16


For some reason I fail to understand, a non-devel package is
conflicting with a devel package :-/

According to dnf it's the only explicit conflict for the package:

$ dnf repoquery --conflicts firefox-55.0.2-2.fc26.x86_64
pkgconfig(nspr) >= 4.16

Maybe someone confused Conflicts with BuildConflicts in the spec?


f27 branch of retired package (was: pkgdb created branch 'f27' for the 'rpms/varnish-agent' package)

pkgdb created branch 'f27' for the 'rpms/varnish-agent' package
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kcov: code coverage for programs and python/shell scripts

Greetings developers,

I just submitted a review request [1] for kcov [2] that I recently
discovered. It has no relation to Linux's kcov and is more akin to
lcov, except that all it needs is a binary with DWARF debuginfo
instead of requiring compile-time instrumentation.

I came across kcov when I was looking for a way to measure code
coverage in a Rust project and I'm impressed. It supposedly has a low
overhead, but so far I've been monitoring small single-threaded
programs so I can't really tell.