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Using the Fedora infra for crypto-mining

Hello list,

Since I work on a project that uses the Coverity Scan free plan for
open source software it came to my attention today that free scans
were put on hold and resumed recently because people were abusing it
for crypto mining.

Since I couldn't find any discussion on this list around this topic I
figured I could start one, if only to ask whether this is a
possibility for Fedora.

firefox-55.0.2-2.fc26.x86_64 conflicts with pkgconfig(nspr) >= 4.16


For some reason I fail to understand, a non-devel package is
conflicting with a devel package :-/

According to dnf it's the only explicit conflict for the package:

$ dnf repoquery --conflicts firefox-55.0.2-2.fc26.x86_64
pkgconfig(nspr) >= 4.16

Maybe someone confused Conflicts with BuildConflicts in the spec?


f27 branch of retired package (was: pkgdb created branch 'f27' for the 'rpms/varnish-agent' package)

pkgdb created branch 'f27' for the 'rpms/varnish-agent' package
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kcov: code coverage for programs and python/shell scripts

Greetings developers,

I just submitted a review request [1] for kcov [2] that I recently
discovered. It has no relation to Linux's kcov and is more akin to
lcov, except that all it needs is a binary with DWARF debuginfo
instead of requiring compile-time instrumentation.

I came across kcov when I was looking for a way to measure code
coverage in a Rust project and I'm impressed. It supposedly has a low
overhead, but so far I've been monitoring small single-threaded
programs so I can't really tell.