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ODBC for Linux/RHEL - no 9.6.5 binary build yet?


I’ve been checking <a href="" title=""></a>

and while many components were updated to 9.6.5, the latest ODBC is still


Any plans for updating it?

Thank you.

Georgiy Pruss

Bug in PostgreSQL ODBC - in names with dollar


I’m sorry, I really tried to register at pgsql-odbc list at, using different email addresses, but it didn’t’ work.

I saw that you may deal with this problem.

When UseServerSidePrepare is set to 1 (which is default, I guess), any names with $ in them cause error:

“The # of binded parameters < the # of parameter markers”

It’s both on Windows and Linux.

It seems that PG tries to use un-paired ‘$’ symbols as parameter marks for the server-side prepare/execute feature, even if there’s no PREPARE or EXECUTE statements.

I believe, PG should not par