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how to get the expiration date of a cookie

I cannot find a place where is written how to get the expiration date of
the cookie I set.
Please anyone knows how to do that?


how to simply set a cookie?

I tried with this function


but I am not seeing the cookie I set when querying my website in chrome dev
tool under application->storage->Cookies


how to externally redirect?

how can I redirect externally from my module?

for instance under certain condition I need to go to <a href="" title=""></a>

I saw this api
char *new_uri, request_rec

setting getting variable to be changed in production and read in my C module

I have to write a set of variable to be read from my C module. Those
variable could be change when the code is in production, similar to what u
would write in a java properties file.

What is the proper way to do it and which functions to use?

1. write the in the httpd.conf (what is the API for getting/setting a
var visible in all the apache web server)
2. write them in the [module].conf (what is the API for getting/setting
a var visible in all my module)

how to get apr_pool_t when need to call ap_md5

In my function I need to get the checksum using md5.

I saw that there is this function ap_md5(apr_pool_t *a, const unsigned char

but it needs apr_pool_t

how can I get it?

char key[] = "abc";

key_md5 = ap_md5(mem_pool, key);