Postings by Orion Poplawski

libdap 3.19.1 soname bump

I'll be building libdap 3.19.1 soon in rawhide. This includes a soname
bump so dependencies will be rebuilt as well.

Help with strict-aliasing warning

I'm getting:

/builddir/build/BUILD/gdl-0.9.8/src/basic_pro_jmg.cpp: In function 'void
/builddir/build/BUILD/gdl-0.9.8/src/basic_pro_jmg.cpp:159:36: warning:
dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules
(BaseGDL* &) dynFun[count_fun] =
(BaseGDL*) dlsym(module[count], entryName.c_str());

dynFun is defined as:

BaseGDL*(*dynFun[MAXNDLL/2])( EnvT* e);

This is all beyond me. Missing the function pointer argument specification?


New gdl segfaults with gcc 8 in antlr

I've just discovered that gdl appears to be segfaulting a lot now deep
in the antlr c++ generated parser code with the switch to gcc 8. Has
anyone else run into similar issues?