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disabling RC4 in apache 2.2.x


:RC4+RSA: appears in SSLCipherSuite of apache 2.2.15's ssl.conf

to disable RC4, will this be enough:


or a different syntax is needed?

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delay in establishing network connectivity


centos 7

If the system (wired static IP#) is powered down
and stayed powered down for some period: let
say 48 hours or so ....

CentOS 7.4 live .iso


I would like to download the live iso of latest
centos 7.4-1708 (desktop flavor does not matter)

I looked here and pages underneath it....
<a href="" title=""></a>

but I am not finding it.

is there any other place I need to look at or
may be it's just a matter of time and it will
show up later on site when it's availability?

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about the list ...

I noticed traffic to this list which was on order of 30
or so per day now has been practically zero!

any announcement I missed about this list (going away??)

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login case sensitivity


some users' login fails since they type upper
case for their user ids ,etc ...

how can case sensitivity be disabled so they can login
with mix of upper and lower case?

this is what i tried:

in /etc/sssd/sssd.conf i tested this below

case_sensitive = false

i stopped sssd, deleted all inside /var/sss/db and
started sssd but that did not help ....

thank you,

border (or frame??) missing on Konsole


I am using KDE 4.4.14

I have my Scroll bar ... on the left side...

The right side has nothing so when I hover mouse
to let say stretch the window [horizontally] it's
visually difficult (for my old eyes) to spot the
border (which does not really exist)

how can I get the border enabled on Konsole?

thank you,

RE: [resolved] need to launch multiple instances; no Tabs ....

sorry if this gets to you twice, i don't recall I posted
what happened with this:

issue was unintended consequence of my customization.

i had:

System Settings->Windows Behavior->Windows Behavior->Advanced tab

checked the Windows Tabbing's Automatically group similar windows.

i have un-checked that box now.

Thank you,

FHDATA wrote on 07/18/2017 07:49 PM:

need to launch multiple instances; no Tabs ....


I am new using KDE 4.14.8

Due to my work I need to have multiple (in order of dozen)
sessions open. Looking/working with tabs gives me
headache (losing productivity).

How can I launch separate instances of Konsole? or even xterm?
As many as I like... It's my computer ;-)

By separate instance meaning a new Konsole or xterm window (not
just another tab in same window).

Thank you,

mod_auth_cas issue ....

mod_auth_cas 1.1

on rhel6

we have a VirtualHost defined as:

<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerAlias *
VirtualDocumentRoot /user/%1.1/%1/home
AccessFileName .htaccess

so user-ids bob, mary ,etc can go to
<a href="" title=""></a> , <a href="" title=""></a> ,etc ,etc
and they can and all is well ...

system encryption question


Centos 7.x

Let say a clean-install of Centos 7.x is
being performed on a box simply with two
partitions / and /boot ...

apache is failing to retsart when ErrorLog is invalid


using Apache/2.2.15 in linux environment ....

If the value of the directive ErrorLog in
virtualhost configuration of a website is
nonexistent (as in exist but invalid) apache fails
to restart and that causes serious problems ...

Is there anyway apache can be told not to restart if
ErrorLog path is invalid and does not exist?

thank you,

centos6 and virtualbox audio problem


host: centos6 64bit (dell desktop)
guest: windows 7 64bit
virtualbox: 4.3.30

problem: host has audio but guest does not.

name of a database in mysql....

mysql server 5.1.41


Is there a way mysql server can be told to disallow
any attempt of creating a database whose name contains
certain characters?


noReplaceConfig equivalent for /etc/yum.conf


In up2date config file there is a directive by the name of
noReplaceConfig . . .

Do you know what is the /etc/yum.conf equivalent for that?

noReplaceConfig[comment]=When selected, no packages that would change
configuration data are automatically installed

Thank you,

Dependencies of a Package (in form of rpm/package names)


I use FC12. I understated, for an installed
package, the 'rpm -qR <package name>'
gives me all the dependencies. But these
dependencies are not in form of package-names
themselves. They're just file dependencies.

How would one get a listing of installed packages that
a given installed package depends on?

Thank you,

auto-raise on focus


Fedora 12 / GNOME ....

How can I enable auto-raise on focus?

i.e. when mouse is moved whatever
window is underneath, will be raised.

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